Sunday, January 20, 2013

Past six months...

Quite a lot happened between me coming home from my mission and tying the knot. Here's a recap of what we've been up to.

Returning Home
June 22, 2012
I came home from serving my mission in Poland.

I flew in around midnight to the SLC Airport. My mom drove from WI to be there :) It was nice to be reunited with my family again! D

At the same time, the Wengert family was just about to go on their vacation to Rocky Point.

Early July 2012
After their trip, Dallin flew out to Wisconsin to see me for the first time in over three years!!

This is the fist glimpse I got of him after he landed in Madison! (I remember my hands shaking as I took the picture.)

We had a really short, but great visit in Wisconsin and then we were headed back to Utah...together!!

(Needless to say the 22 hour drive went very well.)

Before we left, Dallin was able to attend my homecoming in the A-F ward. It's neat, I was at his farewell and he was at my homecoming. Below are the pictures we took at his farewell (basically the last time we saw each other) and my homecoming (basically the first time we'd seen each other since.)

March 2009 just after Dallin's farewell talk

July 2012 just after my homecoming talk

Mid July
Back in Utah. I was living out of a suitcase either at my Dad's or Aunt Carol's or Char's. Dallin and I would try to see each other everyday. We had a lot of fun! So much fun that we forgot to take pictures! :) Here are some of us wake boarding with the Hendricks Fam! (The day before we got engaged)


July 25, 2012

I'm going to let Dallin tell this story:

       Well Amy and I stayed the night at the Hendricks after wake boarding all the day long. The next day I left early to go to work in Logan and I accidentally took Amy's car keys with me. So we arranged for her to come up to Logan that night in Aunt Carols car and pick them up and then head back down that night. I then realized that this was the perfect moment to ask her to marry me. I knew she wanted to be surprised but it was hard because we already had talked about marriage so much. I figured she would never expect me to propose to her on such a short trip. I didn't have the ring or really any plan but I hurried over to the ring shop after work.  I couldn't buy it that day but the guy let me just take the ring without paying a dime and then we would come back to get that all worked out. I hurried home and with maybe 45 minutes before she got to my apartment I decided I'd take her dancing in the living room, but my roommate was passed out on the couch so as she was pulling in I took it all down stairs to dance there. We came in and I tried to romantically take her down to "Dallins Dance floor" but all she wanted to do was clean my flithy bathroom. I convinced her that we were on a date and there was no cleaning allowed and we started our dance. We danced a few songs when I reminded her I needed to give her back her car keys. I reached as if I was getting the keys but I pulled out the ring instead and asked her to marry me. There was a looooonnnnnggggg pause with a huge YES!!! She tackled me and we went to Charlie's ice cream to celebrate.

It was wonderful and although it was sooner than I thought it'd be the timing was perfect.

August - Mid-November
This was a time of a lot of preparation, starting school, getting a new job, finding a place to live, and living the anxiously engaged life! We had a lot of fun. Here are just a few things we did...

Adventures on the Farm
Dallin works on the campus sheep cloning farms. It's been so fun to go and see all the animals and help him feed! Soon we hope to get our own little "bummer" lamb :)

The Aggie Life
Becoming an Aggie has been a lot of fun! At first it was a bit of a transition, but with so much family around, it's been great. 


Being thrown up in the air at the Aggie football game against U of U!

We had a lot of fun dressing up as nerds and spending time with our good friends Conner and Megan. We even went to Lagoon's fright fest together! They were Cindy Lou-hoo and the Grinch.



Cooking Extravaganzas 
Dallin and I had a lot of fun surprising each other with dinner and making new things!



Our New Place
We looked and looked and found this cute little town home not too far away from campus and it's really close to where I work. It's a 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bathroom, and is two floors! I'll post pics of the inside soon!

Utah Open House
A week after our wedding in AZ we had a beautiful open house at Uncle Sid and Aunt Carol's place. It was fun to see so many of our friends and family from Utah.

Devin and Teddi's Wedding
A month after our wedding we were headed down again to AZ to prepare for Dev and Ted's wedding! It was a lot of fun getting ready for it!

Grandma Allen did an amazing job on their cake!

The Christmas theme was a hit! Everything was so beautiful!

Christmas at the Wengert home was really fun! We all got matching PJs and had a great time playing Dance Dance Revolution after we opened our presents. Even Mama Wengert got into it! I get asked a lot about how Christmas was away from home. Honestly, I felt like one of the family. The only thing that was different was not having any snow! The first time in my life it wasn't freezing cold with snow outside. You can have Christmas without snow! Who knew?

Off to Wisconsin
We weren't home more than a couple days before we were off again to good ol' Wisconsin!

Our first time riding a plane together!

Arriving in Minneapolis

Meeting my mom at the airport! So EXCITED!

It wouldn't be a trip to Wisconsin if we weren't shooting guns :)

Our little Michael! He sure loves Dallin. Out of everyone he picked Dallin to read him a story before nap time!
The reception was beautiful and it was so nice that Tara and Levi were able to make it. Everyone from church was so happy to see her again!

Me and my Rajanne. Friend forever. 

Our awesome new matching aprons!! We love them!!

Back to the real world! 
We drove all the way back to Utah and made it for the second day of class for the new semester. Poor Dallin! As soon as we left on our trip I realized I had a bladder infection and needed to stop every 15-30 minutes before the cranberry juice and Tylenol kicked in. We are back and it's nice to be getting into a routine and get our new little place together. The other day we got all bundled up and played out in the snow. We were hoping to make a snowman but the snow wasn't packing. We didn't have any gloves so we used plastic bags and heavy duty socks of course!

Our snow angels!

So in a nutshell that's what we've been up to for the last few months. I'm new to blogging but so far I really like it. Hopefully, I'll get better at it as I go along. 


  1. This has been an absolute delight to read Amy!
    I am new at blogging also…but since moving to Poland…Mark and I have a simple blog. Sometimes the simple ordinary things seem so routine…and would not interest family or friends…but that is what we blog about and it is a good record for ourselves as well. Thank you for sharing…I look forward to seeing more from you!

  2. So good to hear updates! The newlywed life is full of transitions but it's fun too! And until you accumulate lots of stuff from being married for years, those things like makeshift gloves end up creating more laughs and memories together. Congrats! You two are made for each other.

  3. Love, love, loved it! Great job. Can't wait for more :)