Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Opportunities

My cousin Lance text me the other morning saying there was a job posting on campus that I should take a look at. It was an "Administrative Assistant" position for the Western Rural Development Center. (WRDC) I jumped on the opportunity and brought in my resume. It was great pay and flexible hours and the job description reminded me a lot of what I did at the MTC. 

They said they would be accepting resumes all week and would be calling for interviews after the weekend. I thought it was a long shot but was surely hoping. After that weekend everything happened so fast.

Monday: Called for an interview.
Tuesday: The interview took place.
Wednesday: They called me and offered me the position.
Thursday: My first day of training!

I am so grateful for this new opportunity and feel like it is such a huge blessing from God. I remember when I first got to Logan and there was a job just like the one at the MTC that I applied for that I didn't get. I was pretty disappointed but was blessed to get a job as a CNA at Legacy Assisted Living. Six months later this opportunity arose, one that I wouldn't have probably looked at had I gotten that job I wanted at first.

Lessons Learned: "Faith in God includes faith in His timing."

Lance came to visit that week to congratulate us! I thanked him so much for telling me about this position and he said, "Well at least one of us got it!" I had no idea, but he applied for the same position!! He admits he's really looking for something maybe a little more medical related and that he does currently have a good job so--no hard feelings! Wow, God works in mysterious ways!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Our first Valentine's Day in the same state and MARRIED. :)

We ended up celebrating on Wednesday the 13th since I had class until late on Thursday. It was awesome since we were able to use some of the gift cards we got as wedding presents. An expensive date for free(well almost free)! 

First stop: A delicious meal at Olive Garden. Afterwards we caught a new film called "Warm Bodies" down at the Cinema. It's a zombie comedy and we, surprisingly, LOVED it! 

FLOWERS and my fav candy!!

Also got a surprise Valentine's package from my mom!! She's the best!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tlusty Czwartek (Fat Thursday)

Today is a special day in Poland and now a special day to me. It's a day where Polish doughnuts (pączki) go for cheap and everyone eats... A LOT! 

Traditionally "Fat Thursday" is a Catholic feast marking the last Thursday before Lent. Easter is the next time to eat after this long period of fasting. Basically it's a day dedicated to eating and especially PACZKI!! (Polish doughnuts) 

It's also a special day for me because I arrived in Poland on "Fat Thursday"! I remember getting to the Old Town Square and Sister Tracy Allen buying me my very first (OF MANY) delicious Polish doughnuts.

Here is a picture of what Pączki look like:

So here is the awesome part of the story! I was telling Dallin about this day earlier in the week and when he came home from school he surprised me with some! I had totally forgotten that it was even Fat Thursday! He is the best!!