Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Opportunities

My cousin Lance text me the other morning saying there was a job posting on campus that I should take a look at. It was an "Administrative Assistant" position for the Western Rural Development Center. (WRDC) I jumped on the opportunity and brought in my resume. It was great pay and flexible hours and the job description reminded me a lot of what I did at the MTC. 

They said they would be accepting resumes all week and would be calling for interviews after the weekend. I thought it was a long shot but was surely hoping. After that weekend everything happened so fast.

Monday: Called for an interview.
Tuesday: The interview took place.
Wednesday: They called me and offered me the position.
Thursday: My first day of training!

I am so grateful for this new opportunity and feel like it is such a huge blessing from God. I remember when I first got to Logan and there was a job just like the one at the MTC that I applied for that I didn't get. I was pretty disappointed but was blessed to get a job as a CNA at Legacy Assisted Living. Six months later this opportunity arose, one that I wouldn't have probably looked at had I gotten that job I wanted at first.

Lessons Learned: "Faith in God includes faith in His timing."

Lance came to visit that week to congratulate us! I thanked him so much for telling me about this position and he said, "Well at least one of us got it!" I had no idea, but he applied for the same position!! He admits he's really looking for something maybe a little more medical related and that he does currently have a good job so--no hard feelings! Wow, God works in mysterious ways!

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  1. WOW! That was super nice of Lance to let you know about when he applied as well. Congrats again and good luck!