Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Entering the MTC

So many family members and friends came to Tucanos to see off Derek and Jessie just before they entered the MTC. After Tucanos and goodbye to friends, we brought them up to the MTC. Seventeen of us piled into two vehicles to go in with them to say goodbye as other missionaries helped them with there luggage. 

It was such a tender moment to see and be apart of. The faithful missionaries accepting their call to go and the faithful family members trusting that God will watch over and protect their loved ones for the next 18 months to two years. 

The same week we took Jessie and Dery to the MTC was the week we got to watch little Cooper. Uncle Kenny and Aunt Janalee and kids were to be out of town and they asked us to watch him! 

He is such a good dog. He was always very obedient and, more importantly to me, he was so cuddly. Cooper was content to just lay by Dallin or I as we were doing homework or watching T.V. Of course, if we went outside to play Coop would rise to the occasion and would play and play. We so enjoyed having him! Our town home isn't allowed to have pets so we loved having the chance to spend time with this sweet dog. We miss you Coop Coop!

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