Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Dallin!

The BIG 2-3!

We had barely returned from our trip to Arizona and it was Dallin's birthday. I kind of wanted him to think I forgot about it because I wanted to add to the element of surprise. The day before his birthday I told him how the next day I was planning to go to Brigham City all day to study and wouldn't be back until maybe 10pm. His face was priceless, but of course he wasn't going to say, 'But Amy it's my birthday!' We went to bed as usual and then when I knew he was asleep I got up and went to work.

I hid these balloons earlier in the day and so I got them out and tied them to the door so it'd be the first thing he saw when he woke up in the morning. 

I put up signs all over the house and set his present on the kitchen counter for him to find as he went to get something to eat.

We woke up as usual and I, of course, still made it seem I didn't know it was his birthday. I offered we go down and get something to eat! And off we went......


He really thought I forgot and was so happy to find all these surprises!! Little did he know I had even more in store for him.

After school and work I told him I knew this really good place I wanted to take him out to eat. He was excited of course. I blind folded him and drove around a ton so he wouldn't know where we were going. Really he'd been saying lately how he wanted to go to the new Buffalo Wild Wings that had just opened up in Logan at some point, but again I wanted to add to the element of surprise. So after maybe fifteen minutes of driving to a place that was really three minutes away from our house, we pulled up and I let him take off his blind fold! He was sooooooooo excited!!! :)

Dallin in one of his B-day shirts. The food was great and he got a free bottle of BBQ sauce for his Birthday. He asked if maybe we should get dessert since there was no birthday cake. I acted so stuffed and said that He could if he wanted, but I was too full. He decided he wouldn't either (thank goodness).

Little did he know I got off work and went straight home to make this ice cream cake and hid it in the freezer. (Laura helped me with the idea) When we got home I said well why don't we have a rootbeer float so when Dallin went to get the ice cream from the freezer he found...... 

Dallin's first birthday as a husband! I hope he liked it, I had a lot of fun spending time on him and trying to make it a great one! The Big 23!

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