Sunday, March 3, 2013

Reunited and it Feels So Good

Dallin and I were able to meet up with my little Davicito and the whole family this Sunday. In 2009, when David was six year old, I began working with him. He is the most wonderful little boy with autism. It's incredible to see the progress he's made in all this time. 

Basically I would go in and play with him. Paula (his mom) and I would go over goals we would want to reach with him such as keeping eye contact for a certain amount of time, staying on a single task for a certain amount of time, and having 2, 3, and 4 loop conversations. He was just five years old then. 

This is Summer of '09 at a park near their house. I loved this little boy from day one.

Not only did I love David, but I fell in love with and became apart of his whole family. Paula, his mom, and Jennifer and Nicole, his two sisters, are the best ever! They are a family from Argentina that have been living here I think close to 16 years now. We had so much fun that summer having water balloon fights, drawing, dancing, and of course making good food! 

Summer of '09 again. Paula teaching me to make empenadas.

I worked with David and spent time with the family up until I left for my mission. This weekend I was able to see them all again!! He just had his 9th birthday.

 David wanted to show me how he could climb!

This is David being a police officer and arresting Dallin. He started out arresting me but changed his mind in the video below.

Jennifer, Nicole, me, Paula

 Davicito isn't too big on taking pictures, but we got him in a couple. :)

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