Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sisterly Love

This past weekend we had a wonderful time with Koto. She is thirteen years old now and we had a lot of fun hanging out, just the three of us.

Since her and I are about 10 years apart I've always had a special love for her and her brother. I remember changing their diapers and rocking them to sleep and, of course, playing and playing and playing! She was the cutest little girl--ever! It's been fun to watch her grow up and to develop a more mature relationship with this amazing young woman.

Trip to the Farm

Of course it wouldn't be a complete trip if we didn't take some time to go over to the farm. It was funny to watch Koto warm up to the sheep and goats little by little.

I love these goats! They get soooo excited when you go to feed them. I just pretend they're excited to see me. :)

This is Koto after we stopped in the pig barn. She didn't make it a whole step into the barn before she turned around and high-tailed out of there and jumped in the snow. Needless to say, the pig barn reeks-really badly. Poor piggies. After that Koto didn't complain so much about the sheep smell. 

Softball Fun

Koto loves softball so she brought her mitts and a few softballs. Since the snow was still all over our yard we decided to take it to the streets. The neighbor kids wanted to play too. J.J. was the cutest 6 year old I ever did meet. We even got to throw the football around a bit. My dad would be so proud!

Fun in the Tub

After being in the cold outside we needed to warm up and decided to make a swimming pool out of our bath tub. Good times. Dallin would've joined us but it was pretty crowded. :)

Truth or Dare

The second night we decided to play a little truth or dare. We did everything from running around the house "bak"ing like chickens, busting out crazy dance moves, and having Dallin put mascara on himself without a mirror. He did pretty well I think. :)

Overall, we had an amazing time with our dear Koto and can't wait until she comes to visit again! We will try to get Shintaro up here next time too!!! 

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