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Spring Break

Spring Break

This was the best Spring Break of my life! Dallin and I went on so many adventures and had a blast. We went down to Arizona and spent a day in Mexico. Jessie and Derek had their farewells and we ate A LOT of good food. 


One of my favorite things to do when we visit the Wengert family is to watch Dr. Wengert perform surgeries on animals. This time we got to see a knee replacement on a dog!

This dog had the other knee done before and now this knee went out. The surgery couldn't have been more than 30 min. Dr. Wengert is good. 

Like Father like Son. It was great to see Dallin working with his dad and taking part in something he'll actually be doing someday.

Everything is always so much more fun with Jessie around!

Picacho Peak

Ever since I came to the Wengert's for the first time in 2009 I've always heard about Picacho peak. Their family used to stay there over Thanksgiving and have hiked it a lot over the years. I was really excited to try it too! So we packed a bag full of highly nutritious ailments (Capri Suns and fruit snacks) and we were on our way. It was sooooo beautiful up there that I couldn't help but stare. Tucson's landscape is incredible and just very different than that of Wisconsin. 

Before we begin!

Brother and Sister.

Husband and Wife.

So different than the midwest. Love it!

Halfway break. Trying to stay pumped for the hardest parts to come!

At last at the top!


I was so happy Jessie came too! She is so much fun!



I had never been to Mexico before in my life so when Dallin made the proposition to go there while we were back home I had to jump on it! What was even better was he had the idea to go camping on the beach! 

We finally made it there and after many different strategies to put this tent up while it was so windy, we finally did it. At least I like to think I was helping him when in all truthfulness I was probably doing less helping and more playing.

 Our own little spot on the beach. There were other RVs around us but other than that there weren't too many people around. It was beautiful, calm and quiet. We were the only tent on the beach. It was only $5 to camp there. It was awesome! 

A beautiful view from inside our tent!

The water was so pretty and blue. A tad cold for full on swimming but we did have fun taking a ride on the banana tube.

If you look really close you can see dolphins jumping out there. Sooo cool!

After exams and work and more exams we were so grateful to finally be relaxing on the beach in 80 degree weather. Seriously it felt amazing.

Dallin said that when the girls went down they always had their hair done in braids. I'd never had it done and thought I better try it. We searched all over the beach looking for the women that did it. After being stopped by a hundred other people trying to sell things, a lady stopped us and if we wanted to buy sunglasses. We declined but finally we asked her if she knew when the ladies were that did the braids. She said she could do it and just opened her little bag and got to work. I was surprised at all the different things these "vendors" have to offer. 

After taking on the Dirt Mall of Puerto Penasco we were about fit for a meal. Dallin picked a place right on the water. It was gorgeous but a little chilly so Dallin let me wear his shirt. Aw, what are husbands for. 

The food here was AMAZING!

Also, we had a man come up to us with his guitar and Dallin asked him to sing some love songs. Talk about romantic. It was fun to be cheesy knowing that we'd never see anyone in the restaurant again. Plus, this was kind of like the honeymoon we never took!

Before it got to dark we had some guys stop by to sell us sparklers! We took them up on it and had some fun. (After we got them started that is) I did mention earlier that it was quite windy so after many failed attempts, Dallin went in the car to light them. Dangerous, but it worked :)

I say "strike a pose" and this is what he does. Karate style.

It was so fun!

This one however fell on my foot and caused a lot of pain. Dallin got a picture of me right afterwards grabbing my foot trying to put out the flame!

It was such a beautiful view from our little tent. Everything about the day was perfect.

We got up pretty early the next morning and began our hunt for the coolest seashells. The tide had gone way way back so we were able to walk out quite aways before we hit the water line.

Afterwards we were ready for some food. We packed up camp and went out in search for some delicious food. First we stopped at this cute man's mango stand and I got a mango all carved up so it was beautiful and, more importantly, easy to eat. I just with I would've thought to take a picture of it when it was still pretty instead of after I ate most of it. :/

Okay next stop was this little taquito stand in this sketchy tent. You can see in the picture below the sink they use behind Dallin. Despite the looks of the place I was excited for some good Mexican food. Just then the waitress comes up and asks us what we would like. (It's a good thing Dallin speaks Spanish) She said the only meat they were putting on tacos that day was either cow BRAINS, GUTS, or TONGUE. After having Dallin re-ask a time or two to make sure that's all they had, I ordered a cheese quesadilla and Dallin got a tongue taco. Welp, it was a good experience. Normally they serve regular beef and what not but I guess that morning nothing else was in.

Dallin with his tongues taco.

 They did have this amazing carbonated apple drink! Mmmm MMmmm.  And just like that we were headed back to Tucson.

Baseball and Softball

This was definitely a baseball/softball kind of week. We watched Tan play baseball on his little league team and Janae on her middle league team. Jordan had a tournament and they ended up winning the whole thing. All three of them are so good and a lot of fun to watch. The championship game was right before the kids' big piano recital and Teddi's whole family was coming into town. We had a huge three-foot sandwich from Egee's with lots of their special snow-cone drinks! Mmmm! 

The Ostrich Farm

This was definitely one of my favorite things we did all week!! This is a farm right down the street from the Wengert's home and Clayton is actually a Vet they work with. I thought it'd probably be some fun but kind of had the idea it was for little kids. Maybe it was for little kids, but it was SO FUN! I loved feeding and petting the animals and letting the birds sit on my arms!

Seeing ostriches up close was amazing. They're a lot bigger and more aggressive than I had imagined. I definitely wouldn't want to get in their way!

We've seen these before. Our dear little goats. Dallin must've been feeling withdrawls since he got awfully close to them while feeding. :)

These sweet baby dear! Precious!

To feed the ducks you had to hold them in your fist as they duck their beaks in to get the food. Cute!

The birds were B-E-A utiful!

On the way home from the ostrich farm we stopped to get my first Sanoran hotdog and then we were off on a four-wheel drive!

My handsome hubby!

Peppersauce Caves

These are some caves right outside of Tucson that are just open for people to explore on their own. Of course, it's pitch black in there so I didn't get any really good pictures and we had to bring headlights. I was surprised at how incredible it was in there. There was a little pond you could hike down to. You'd be in a huge room and have no idea where you were going and go through this tiny crack that appears to lead to a dead end that opens up into another huge room. It was so much fun!

Getting farther and farther away from the entrance!

Afterwards we were really dirty! So fun!

Marana Sale Barn

This is a place where the Wengert kids played tons while they were growing up. It was neat to see their names written all over things and hearing Jessie and Dallin talk about the fun they'd had there. Dr. Wengert headed over here to do some preg checks on some cattle and we had to take the opportunity to watch him work and check out the sale barn.

I can totally see how this place would be so fun for kids to play in! 

The Farewells

Of course, this was our biggest motivation for coming to Marana this week. Derek and Jessie gave their farewell talks. They both did a wonderful job and we are so excited for all the experience that lies ahead for them. What a wonderful blessing to be going in together. So many love and support them.

 So good to see so much family around to support them. Easton and Skyler just got their calls too! Easton to Peru and Sky to Samoa! Exciting things up ahead.

And just like that we were on our way back to Logan.....

Here's to the best Spring Break EVER!! 

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  1. Wow! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Cave exploring sounds thrilling!