Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hello Wisconsin!

Home Sweet Home.

Rachel and I decided it would be a good idea if I flew in for my Mom's 50th birthday and surprised her! Since my mom was working the weekend of her actual birthday, April 8th, I went the weekend before.

After taking Derek and Jessie to the MTC, Dallin dropped me off at the airport. Saying goodbye to Dallin for a few days was a different experience than I thought it'd be. He walked with me in the security line until it was my turn and when I really realized he wasn't coming with, we both started to tear up. It was bittersweet. The whole experience of being away from him was a lot harder than I thought it'd be. I felt a little pathetic, but I guess it's normal for newlyweds especially.

Anyway, I flew in to Minneapolis late Wednesday night and we left for Wisconsin the next morning. Mom knew Rachel and the kids were coming (it was Easter weekend by the way) so when she got home from work she was happy to see them there. Rachel quickly brought Mom up to the guest room and told her to grab something for Nora in the crib. To her surprise, she found ME laying in the crib!! Her reaction was priceless!!

It was so fun to surprise her and spend the weekend with my family. I love them so much!!

I especially enjoyed spending time with my nephew, Michael. He is two and a half years old and has so much personality. 

The lake at this time of year is beautiful because it's frozen and pulls out so much that there's actually beach space to walk on.

About to take our adventure on the sand.

Beautiful view.

I couldn't resist writing this in the sand. In October 2007 I went to Jamaica and since I had a little crush on Dallin I wrote "Jamaica <3 Dallin" in the sand. 

Picture taken in Jamaica on the beach in 2007.

Decorating Easter Eggs

It was so neat to be there for Michael's first Easter of decorating eggs. He LOVED it!!! My mom is so fun and of course had everything a kid could want when decorating eggs. 

It seems like egg decorating has gotten more intense with the wigs and face stickers!

Sibling Love

I was so excited for the three of us to spend time together. We went out to a movie and spent some time at Spencer's just catching up. I can't remember the last time the three of us did something just ourselves, really, maybe it's never even happened before. Spencer and Rachel are such wonderful people. It's interesting to see our parents' traits distributed differently throughout each of us. 

Michael and Spencer fist bumping. Adorable.

I wish I would've taken more pictures. We had a birthday cake for my mom and put up birthday signs everywhere. I was able to have really good conversations with my mom and Rachie. We got to see Mary and John Barrett over at their house. Michael and I played and played and played. He got to the point where he wouldn't let anyone but me play basketball with him. When someone would grab the second basketball he would take it from them and say it was Amy's. Ahh yes I basked in that joy since I hardly get to see him. 

And just as fast I came it was time to head home.........

Since it was April Fool's Day I tricked Dallin into thinking I missed my flight right up until the flight left and I text him I was on my way! :) 

This is how I was welcomed home off the flight with a big sign and a pepperoni pizza. Yes, I have the best husband in the world. Turns out he missed me too! 

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  1. No matter how much time you spent apart in the past, it doesn't make those short times apart any less emotional. And as far as this "little crush" in 2007, c'mon. You knew then that you would be Mrs. Wengert! Love you!