Saturday, May 25, 2013

Camping Trip

First Stop: Grandparents

We were invited to go camping this weekend with Devin and Teddi and friends, Chad and Jessica. On our way down toward American Fork, we stopped by Grandma and Grandpa Allen's to get some supplies and to take some fun pictures for Uncle Paul. 

They are so cute! 

One of the funnest things we did on this camping trip was go jeeping up in the mountains. It was so intense! I  did get a little car sick, but after sitting in the front awhile it went away. We went on several hikes and all took turns making meals. Mmmmm Mmmm. 

All six of us squeezed in this tent to watch a scary movie at night. "The House at the End of the Street" By the time the movie was over it was soooo cold! 

Such a fun trip!

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