Thursday, May 9, 2013



Dallin and I decided a bit ago that it felt like the right time to add to our little family, I mean a baby, not another lamb. 

I got up early this morning while Dallin was still in bed and decided to take a pregnancy test, even though I was pretty sure it'd be another negative result. When I saw the double lines I can't express my excitement and shock! I jumped up and down in the bathroom and couldn't stop smiling! I just about screamed! However, my mind started racing, as I wanted to tell Dallin in a fun way. I ran back upstairs happy as can be and Dallin had no clue why other than I was just happy to be married to him. (I was happy for that as well, of course.) We only had one working car at the time so Dallin dropped me off at work and I called Lance, my go-to man. He said he'd have a break at lunch time and could pick me up. Lance wasn't sure why, but it didn't matter. He came and got me and we ran to the store to pick out a little onesie that said, "My Dad is my Best Buddy." 

After Lance dropped me off at home I only had a few minutes before Dallin came home for lunch. I grabbed a little white gift bag and since I didn't have wrapping tissue I used tin foil and put the onesie and pregnancy test inside. When he got home I told him that I had been working on something for him and I wanted to see his reaction when he opened it. 

This video shows it all.

Dallin couldn't have been happier or more excited! One of those moments in life you never forget. 

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