Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 14

Official Update: Dallin was on the trach mask all night last night until about 3 am- not bad for his first time of trying at night. He had a repeat CT scan this morning and everything looks good. The nurse said Dallin was pretty restless all night. The trach doctor is pleased with how he's doing though. Still trying to figure out insurance and transportation and rehab centers- right now we are leaning towards Phoenix at Barrows but trying to figure out transportation costs- it's crazy. He doesn't have an anticipated discharge date but they are thinking within a week if he doesn't have any other complications. Doctor said he could probably be off the vent completely within 24-48 hours. As long as Dallin is progressing he can be accepted straight to a neuro rehab center but he keeps falling asleep in PT so he needs to STAY AWAKE!  
Also, again I want to reiterate that with almost 25, 000 people following the Facebook page we are overwhelmed with your love and support. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Tara and TJ have done an incredible job with keeping everyone updated. (Which I am gladly using for this blog) and are responding to all the posts. We couldn't be more touched and grateful for their sweet service.We are so appreciative of each of you and the messages you share with us!

Dallin still needs a little help with holding his head up. You can see he likes to have a ball in his hand. It's soothing to him and it keeps his hands from trying to pull out his trach and PEG tube. I'm so grateful for all of the support of our families. 

 Dallin doesn't move his left leg still, but I thought it was so cute the way he crossed his right leg over his left. He seems relaxed, without a care in the world. In some ways it's probably good he doesn't really know what's going on.

Message from Clayton: 

I've been with Dallin for the past 2 days and I wanted to share some of the tender mercies we've seen. 
Janae had her 14th birthday on June 10th. She had said that the best birthday present ever would be Dallin waking up. The day before he opened his eyes and has spent alot of time awake and trying to communicate. To say the least Janae had a great birthday. 
We traveled back to Tucson on the 9th and attended the Texas Road House benefit dinner for Dallin and celebrated Janae's birthday. I want to thank everyone for showing up and showing your support. The money raised was great but even greater was the support you showed by simply showing up. 
I am now back at the hospital and he has shown some great improvements. He has been very active and has been trying to pull his tubes out. Lacy, one of our great nurses, had the idea to give him a ball to hold and now this ball has become his "Wilson". He now leaves his trach tubes alone and has his security ball. Last night I looked at Dallin and asked him to "Throw me the ball?" He raised his arm and concentrated and "threw".  He actually dropped the ball towards me and smiled. He watched the NBA Finals and was happy that the Spurs won. He has a small U of A Basketball and I showed him the ball and asked him "What is this?' He whispered,"Arizona Wildcats". Today Tanner brought his iPod and we plugged the ear buds in Dallin's ears. He immediately started mouthing the words to the song "Pickup Man" and had a big smile on his face. 
While these are small things, they are small miracles of which we know the source of these miracles. Through your faith and prayers and a loving Heavenly Father all things are possible. Thank you. Our next goal is to get him to Arizona for Neuro Rehab at Burrows Institute in Phoenix.
Thank you,

Dallin sleeping with his little "Wilson".

Message from Tara: 

One of our Marana High School buddies, Bobby Weigand, sent a pretty cool package in the mail! This is what the note said, "Dallin- You have truly become such an inspiration to so many people. After sharing your story at work, the University of Washington basketball team and Isaiah Thomas of the Sacramento Kings wanted to help me make sure you woke up with a few things to know we are all thinking and praying for you. Keep fighting Dally boy, we are all behind you!" Thanks so much Bobby- this is AWESOME!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 13

Official Update: Not too much change today. Seems to be a very similar day to yesterday. They put the speaking valve in the trach last night and you could hear a few words like "good" and "yes." He has to learn how to talk with the trach in since the flow of air over the voicebox is different. PT is still very taxing on him. Still trying to figure out the plan once we are discharged from the hospital soon- kinda of stressful since there are many options and opinions and everyone needs to know soon.  The neurosurgeon is coming today to round (it's been a few days since he's actually been there in person) so it will be very good to get his opinion and have him answer many questions. He is awesome and we value everything he says very much. Still trying to be optimistic and positive and have patience- that is what we need the most of right now. 

Dr. Welling came and is very excited for Dallin’s progress. He is fond of Barrows. If it was his kid he would only transfer once. Dallin stuck his tongue out on command for him and Welling said he was very optimistic but that it’d be a long recovery.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 12

Official Update: So Dallin has continued to improve greatly since yesterday. He is awake and alert and mouthing many words. When I walked in this morning, he opened his eyes and mouthed "Hello my love." He is intermittently able to communicate his needs with yes or no. He smiled for a picture and mouthed "good to see you, man" to a friend that came. The doctors are saying he is looking good. Doing well with the trach and trach mask and mostly off the ventilator completely. He is getting a PEG tube placed this afternoon so his tube feedings will go directly to his stomach instead of in the feeding tube down his nose. He still is working hard in physical therapy but has a very long ways to go with that. But he can hold his head up for a few seconds while sitting at the edge of the bed.     
If he continues to do well this week and no further complications then we'll decide where to transfer him next- LTAC (long term acute care center) or maybe he can tolerate inpatient rehab? He has to tolerate 3 hours of PT before rehab would take him which he cannot do now. So... we'll see what this week brings!

It was surprising that he smiled at the camera without prompting. He has had a lot of practice having pictures taken of him growing up, he must've remembered the drill.

Message from Tara: While we are overjoyed and excited that Dallin is awake and alert we want to clarify that Dallin's mentality is that of about a 5 year old. We still need your prayers that our Dallin will come back to us and that he can heal and return to his old self again. Dallin cannot move his left leg at all right now and holding his own head up during physical therapy is very difficult. We are so grateful for your happiness and excitement that Dallin "woke up" but the condition of his brain is still unknown. Keep the prayers coming and thank you for your support, love and concern.