Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 10

Official Update: It's been a busy day with the race this morning and Devin's graduation from nursing school today-yay! Dallin looks so much better! He's sleeping right now- pretty tired out from physical therapy today. No temperature today at all and a diagnosis of right lower lobe pneumonia so we have the right antibiotics on board and they are working. He gave me lots of kisses todayand even did it in front of the doctor! The redness on each arm is slightly less and still there. 

Months ago Tara, TJ, Teddi, Devin, Amy and Dallin signed up for the Dirty Dash. Of course Amy and Dallin could not make it. They debated whether or not to do it but decided to do it and do it for Dallin. They put on their hats "Dash for Dallin". So sweet!

Devin graduated today. He has worked so very hard this last year and a half and we are so proud of him!

Dallin smiled today at me and also at his dad after he told him they were going to go eat Mexican food after graduation and would bring back salsa to put on his lips to really wake him up.  

We also got transferred from ICU into the step down unit today! It happened sooner than we thought so we are moving up in the world! 

It took a lot of people to make sure he transferred over okay with all of his tubes. 

Getting situated in his new room.

The view from his new room is amazing!

My mom had to leave today and this was her message on Facebook: 

Hi I'm Amy's Mom. As I am flying back to WI, I keep in my mind this picture of Dallin and Amy. She reads to him as he rests and heals. They have started this new phase together. Putting into action one of their favorite sayings. Come what may... and love it. 
Keep the prayers coming and thanks to a great ICU team at McKay-Dee hospital.

My mom has been such a help here and I'm going to miss her!

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