Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 11

Official Update: Dallin is much more alert today! He has mouthed a few words including, "I love you" to me and "Hi Tara" when she walked in while squeezing her hand. His eyes are much more open too when he has seen us but still super tired since his brain is working really hard! He is off the ventilator and is just on humidified blow by oxygen for his trach which is great. He still has a lot of secretions and coughing and his respiration rate is high. But heart rate is normal and no temp so he is fighting the pneumonia well.

Physical therapy continues to work with him twice daily but he is so incredibly weak already. He gets covered with sweat from the exertion of it all. PT is going to be apart of our lives for a long time to come! We are so incredibly grateful for his progress so far as it's only day 10. We have a very long way to go still but grateful that his life was spared and his brain is working so hard. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and concern.

Laura came by and took this picture while we were catching some Z's. It was so nice to get to lay next to my husband. 

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