Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 13

Official Update: Not too much change today. Seems to be a very similar day to yesterday. They put the speaking valve in the trach last night and you could hear a few words like "good" and "yes." He has to learn how to talk with the trach in since the flow of air over the voicebox is different. PT is still very taxing on him. Still trying to figure out the plan once we are discharged from the hospital soon- kinda of stressful since there are many options and opinions and everyone needs to know soon.  The neurosurgeon is coming today to round (it's been a few days since he's actually been there in person) so it will be very good to get his opinion and have him answer many questions. He is awesome and we value everything he says very much. Still trying to be optimistic and positive and have patience- that is what we need the most of right now. 

Dr. Welling came and is very excited for Dallin’s progress. He is fond of Barrows. If it was his kid he would only transfer once. Dallin stuck his tongue out on command for him and Welling said he was very optimistic but that it’d be a long recovery.

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