Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 4

Fast Sunday. I've never felt the power of fasting and prayer so strongly in my life than on this day. We asked for others to join us via facebook and the response and support was overwhelming. I know God was truly aware of the prayers on Dallin's behalf today. Today was the first day that we received good news from the doctors and Dallin made some miraculous steps. I know this is a direct result of the power of fasting and prayer. 

Offical Update: Both the ICU doctor and the neurosurgeon stated today that he has made "significant improvement" especially for day 4. This was after Dallin followed some commands from Amy, the nurse, and the doctor by moving his left thumb, squeezed both of Amy's hands, moved his right foot, and tried to show us 2 fingers. He continues to make random movements with each of his extremities- we love seeing it. Words can't impress the joy and hope we felt when Dallin made this small movement on command!! We know it is because of the hundreds of people praying and fasting today. They are giving him IV antibiotics for the beginning stages of pneumonia (to be expected with being in the hospital and on the ventilator) and his oxygen demands have increased. But he can overcome the pneumonia and we are grateful for modern day medicine. The plan is to get a repeat CT tomorrow AM, see what that shows and then go forward from there. We will decide when to start the sedation vacation (weaning from the sedation meds) tomorrow as well and see if he wakes up more. For now, today is just a day of rest as his brain continues to heal.

When he squeezed my hands!

 Dallin with his ICP monitor out. Looking good.

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