Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 5

Official Update: The CT scan from this am shows no change, which is good. The neurosurgeon ordered to d/c his propofol which is the sedation medication. The nurses are slowly decreasing it now as I write this. Dallin is moving a LOT but somewhat limited movement with left leg/foot. The brain damage is on the right side so we are expecting some deficits on the left side. Only time will tell when he will fully wake up but we are taking this as a good sign even though it seems like one step forward and two steps back, constantly. Only once he is fully awake can we assess the extent of the brain damage. I know I keep saying this but your prayers are working! Please continue them as today might be a pivotal day. I will keep everyone posted as the day progresses. Thank you!!

A close up on where his ICP monitor was and a small laceration. I don't want to turn his head to take a picture of the bigger laceration on the side of his head. 

Physical Therapy worked with him today and got him on edge of his bed with the help of many. Dallin had a lot of phlegm coming up and he was coughing a ton.  Dallin did not respond at all for Dr. Welling. He's more cautiously optimistic than yesterday, but he said we would give it a couple more days and then we should consider trach.

Dallin has been quite agitated at being messed with, biting hard on his breathing tube, so they put a cuff around it so that he can’t bite through it. His heart and respiratory rate have been staying up. It's nice to see him moving but at the same time is hard to see him make such painful faces. Also, his movements are not coordinated and seem more like involuntary thrashing. 

Cambria made this awesome pillow case for me with Dallin's "Wengert" number on it. She is such a sweetheart! She's a nurse at Primary Children's Hospital and knows the discomforts from sitting in a hospital room all day/night.  She even put an amazing memory foam pillow in it and it's so comfortable. Love her!

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