Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 6

Official Update: Right now it's just me (Tara) and Dally boy in his room, just like the old days when we'd go play away from Devin since he was being mean.  

Dallin is resting since he just worked super hard with the physical therapist. They sat him up to the edge of the bed and Dallin did some of the work. His muscle tone is pretty loose and not all tight, so that's good for now. He coughs up a lot of junk while sitting up which is good but we always feel bad to see him cough so hard, over and over and over. When the ICU Dr came she asked him for 2 thumbs up and he did it with both hands perfectly!! Still not opening his eyes yet and less agitated movement today. So far today is a lot better day than yesterday since he was very agitated and uncontrolled movements were all over the place. I think it was hard for Amy, my mom and Toni to see him "fight" against things so much. He is getting antibiotics for bronchitis (not pneumonia- yay!!) and possible cellulitis or irritation for an infiltrated IV on his left forearm- both of which are not alarming. 

Dallin's thumbs up!

As far as the ventilator goes, his settings are very low and he is doing very well doing a lot of the breathing work himself. The Dr today said we will wait a few more days and then decide if he'll get a trach (in his neck) or maybe he can just be extubated!! After that we'll also look to see if he can be transferred to the step down ICU unit- all big steps! He got his central line taken out and his C collar is off so he is looking more like our dally boy with less tubes and wires!! I guess last night he reached up with his left arm and felt the staples in his head, felt all around, rubbed his eyes and then brought his hand down. 

Dallin with a physical therapist. A lot of coughing, but more response than yesterday. 

You can't really tell in this picture, but I got to lay down next to him for the first time after helping with his bath. His nurse's and assistants have been really great! Although I was nervous to hurt him, it felt good to put my head on his chest. 

Our good friends Conner and Megan had this necklace made for me. The heart has a "d" in it for Dallin along with his birthstone and the "my hero" behind it. It couldn't have come at a better time. I'm so proud of Dallin and his strength. This necklace helps me remember all he's done and will do. I'm so grateful for such good friends, love them!

We are definitely making progress but still much of it is a waiting game. We are hopeful that the day when he fully wakes up is coming soon! Can't wait to see his dark brown eyes and see that look of recognition.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support!!

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