Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 7

Official Update: Not much to report. Things are mostly the same. Dallin follows some commands pretty intermittently. Physical therapy has been working with him twice a day and he gets super worn out and tired after. Today they moved him over to what they call an ortho chair which meant he got to sit up for over an hour, strapped to a big chair. All he needed was a good U of A game on and he would've been set! 
The Dr. today is pleased with everything so far but again, we just have to keep waiting. She said it could be 18 months before we see what his full brain function will be. 
He's doing well on the ventilator and as far as his lungs go, he's good to be extubated. We are just waiting to see if his neuro status improves more so he can control his secretions and swallow/cough better which would be safer for him. 
Other than that, Dallin has just been resting and gave a good thumbs up today. It's the small steps we find joy in each day!

Tara speaking: I also felt like I should put Dallin and Amy's love story on here since there are so many people who don't know them personally or the details of it all and it's a pretty cute story!! It also adds to the situation of it all because it just shows the depth of their love and how it's overcome distance and boundaries and separation since the beginning. 
I was a missionary for the LDS church and served in Amy's area. She was such a fun, vibrant, amazing 17 year old at the time and I was drawn to her. The first week I met her I told her about my 17-year old brother named Dallin and just knew they should write so they could get married!! This was in 2007. Dallin actually wrote the first email and that started a constant link of communication for the next 5 years. They never lived in the same area but "dated" long distance for a long time until Dallin served his LDS mission in Iowa for 2 years. Amy wrote him faithfully once a week the entire time and then decided she wanted she go on her own mission, a few months shy of Dallin coming home. Dallin was so supportive of her and wrote weekly to her as well while she served 18 months in Poland. So it wasn't a big surprise that when Amy came home in June of 2012 that they were engaged shortly after and married that November. True love!!!

This is Amy again. One sweet thing I got to do for Dallin today was cut and clean his nails. I'm always telling him when he needs to cut them and now since he can't do it for himself I'm happy to do it. I even used lotion and gave him a little massage. I hope he knows I'm here. A funny story. A few months ago when I was painting my toes I leaned over and started painting Dallin's too. He let me and when I was done I went to remove it and he said no, that he wanted to see how long it would take for it to come off on it's own. For the most part no one had seen it because it's been winter and he's always wearing shoes and socks, but here at the hospital just about every nurse and assistant has commented on the pink nail polish still left on his big toe. He would be blushing if he knew. :)

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