Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 8

Official Update: Dallin had a temperature all morning which means there is some sort of infection going on. They did blood cultures and chest xrays and the Dr. said the left upper lung sounded coarse. His oxygen demands went up some too so maybe pneumonia? Also a reddened, inflamed area on his inner forearm so maybe cellulitis. He's coughing and gagging more on the ET tube and his heart rate has gone up. So he's hanging in there but obviously something is going on today. We'll keep you posted!

Big News! Dallin got a trach placed this afternoon! We were hoping he'd be able to be extubated, but with the suspicion of pneumonia and other infections, the doctors agreed that this would be the best thing for him.

He's not gagging as much anymore and now you can see his face much better. The Dr. also got rid of his neck collar. 

This means his lips are now free! :)

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