Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 9

Official Update: Dallin still has a temperature and we are waiting for cultures to come back to identify exactly where the source of infection is, but we are pretty sure it's in the lungs. He also had an alelrgic reaction to the last antibiotic since his torso and both arms are reddened and warm to the touch- the Dr is changing the antibiotic for that today. Also, the Dilantin (anti-seizure med) was d/c'd today and that also can contribute slightly to the temps. The Dr is pretty confident that by tomorrow the temps will be back down. He hasn't had any seizures since the night of the accident in the trauma room at the ER and in the helicopter on the way to Ogden. They were just preventing them since that can happen with TBI (traumatic brain injury) patients. We are probably going to be transferred to step down ICU in the next day or two, once the temps come down. 

Just like a little baby who is sick and doesn't feel good, Dallin is less responsive today and lethargic. But the good news is that he puckered up his lips and kissed Amy today!! The Dr is very confident it wasn't a reflex after testing some of his facial reflexes. So that is our bright spot for the day! Seems like we are in the middle of 2 steps back and hopefully tomorrow will be a step forward!! Thank you to everyone!!!

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