Monday, October 28, 2013

Trip to the Phoenix Zoo

Now that Dallin is out of Current Events in his therapy, he has one short day a week. We decided to take advantage of this and go to the Zoo! 

Our favorite part of the trip was getting to feed thee incredible giraffes! They have these long curly tongues they use to grab their food. 

Who knew tortoise's love pumpkins!

This guy wanted to come and say hello! 

We spent so much time there that we got to see just about every animal they had. My pregnant feet and ankles couldn't take another step - it was awesome!!

FB Update: 10/28/13

Dallin's FB Update from 10/28/13.

Getting Back on the Horse

Update from Dallin:

We helped the family move cattle off the mountains for the winter in New Mexico this past weekend. Its always a great time being with the family and we always have a fun time together. I think of the phrase “When you get bucked off the horse, you jump right back on” and how we have to be able to apply this in every aspect of our lives. No, I didn’t get my brain injury getting bucked off a horse, but I must be able to jump right back into my life. Yes, I’m still in rehab and still in recovery but if we wait to start life when we are not recovering from anything physically or emotionally or not going through an internal rehabilitation of some kind, then you may be waiting a very long time. I know that God our Heavenly Father is so very mindful of you and of me. I’ve come to know that He does have a plan for each one of us and I’m so grateful for that.

Things are going great. Therapy is still going so awesome! I love to see the little progress I make each and every day. They are little steps but so incredible. I’m starting my online math class, we’re hoping, this upcoming Monday. I’m really excited to be able to see how well my mind can grasp the concepts in this math class. I’m also still working at my father’s vet clinic, which is another fantastic way to stimulate my mind. My mind continues to feel a little more awake all the time and that is a great feeling. 

Amy and the baby are doing really well. She was pretty sick last week, but things have turned around and she’s feeling better. 77 more days until baby Clay is due. I love feeling our little man move and it really motivates me to work as hard as I can to be ready mentally for when he comes to our home. Thanks everyone!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Mexico Cattle Drive

It was so exciting to get to go to the Bluewater, NM cattle drive this year. It was great to see the Wengert family and the food was wonderful. Dallin got to "get back on the horse" and we had a wonderful time.

 Dallin getting the horses ready for the trip.

4-wheeling behind Grandpa Wengert's place in Bluewater. Beautiful!

Papa Steve.

The men.
They were pretty tired (and sore) when we met them for lunch at the halfway point.

All of us!

Dallin and I rode on the 4-wheeler the rest of the way. 

Above is the very first place Dallin and I held hands -right there on that swing- when I came down from Provo with Tara for the cattle drive in 2008.  Below is a picture of the three of us in Bluewater way back when. 

Who knew five years later we'd come back for the cattle drive married and expecting our first baby. :)

We had to embrace the memory. :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

FB Update: 10/15/13

Dallin's FB Update from 10/15/13.

Update on me!

So this is me, Dallin! I figure now that I am well on my way in my recovery I should do some of these updates myself. 

This is the first one I'm doing personally but I'll get better with this as time goes on. Update wise, things are going great. Its amazing to see small progress every single week. Rehab is going great, my therapist and I are starting an online class this month so thats very exciting! It'll be great to see how well I do in that. 

Also this past weekend I played full court basketball for the first time since the accident, and it felt great. Dribbling felt a bit awkward but that will come with time but I was able to run the court halfway alright and it was lots of fun. 

So Amy and I made a quick trip to Utah and It was amazing! We miss so so much all the wonderful friends and family we have in Utah. We were able to watch on tv General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which was exactly what we needed. General Conference is every six months when the Prophet and 12 Apostles address the entire world. It was absolutely incredible. We had Amy's baby shower and thank you so very much to everyone who was apart of that in any way possible. 

As I become more and more aware of everything around me I'm realizing how much the people who are reading this right now have helped me in my recovery. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I still have lots of recovery to do but thank you for the prayers and the fasting and thoughts for myself and Amy. Her pregnancy is going great! January is getting closer!!! We're sooooooo excited to become parents and Amy is going to be the worlds greatest Mom (she is already the worlds greatest wife) and life is really so great.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Trip to Utah

Dallin and I had been playing with the idea of making a trip up to Utah. We really wanted to see so many people there and we thought it'd be a good cognitive move for Dallin to see what memories would come back. We just weren't sure about me driving the whole way and taking off of Dallin's therapy. Teddi had mentioned that Tell and Beau (her brothers) were wanting to find a ride up there over Conference weekend and we jumped at the chance to have extra drivers. 

It was a really great trip overall and we got to do so much, but it was so quick!

We got to see Conner and Megara! It was so great to catch up with them and talk about their new little boy due in December. We just love them!

The first day there we headed up to Logan and it brought so many memories back to Dallin. He got so excited. We saw Lance, who helped us go through our storage unit -so sweet! Then we got to see Brandon and Caitlin who were our good friends and next door neighbors! They helped clean and fix up our apartment after we had to leave so suddenly. They're awesome.

One really amazing thing is when we drove up to Kenny and Janalee's temporary home (this is the house Dallin helped them move into just before the accident) Dallin said that he'd been there before. I asked when he'd been there and if it was the night of the accident and he said that he was sure it couldn't have been the night of the accident because he distinctly remembered helping move a chicken coop and stopping by the Bishop's afterward. (At the time Dallin's nearest memory before the accident was at least a couple weeks before.) Anyway, I wasn't with them the night of the accident when they were moving stuff in (direct orders from Janalee that I not lift too much) so I couldn't tell him whether or not it was the night of the accident. We went in and asked Brock about it and sure enough those were all vivid details of what happened about an hour before Dallin got in his accident. We were amazed! 

Brock, Chase, and Keato were all so happy to see Dallin. It hit them really hard when Dallin was in the accident because we had been at their house playing with them just minutes before talking about how they were going to have to come over for a sleepover. Also, they went to the car to look for Dallin's cell phone and all started crying. What's interesting though, is that they all shared how this experience built their testimony. It was so touching. 

Before we left Logan we got to stop by Dallin's work and see his boss Dave and Theresa. It just so happened that Rusty (the Vet) was there and Sarah (Vet tech) along with some people Dallin worked with. We all went for a walk around the farm to see some of the new buildings and chat. Dallin said that Dave was talking to him about projects they're working on like he would before and that made him feel good. 

Dallin and Dave 

 Dallin, Rusty, Sarah, Dave, and Theresa

They all pitched in and got Dallin and I a baby gift for the shower. They are all so thoughtful. It was some Utah State gear and blanket. Some binkies too. Ugh, we just are so grateful for all their support.

Spider-silk Goats 

This is Stevie Wonder, the lamb that Dallin and I would come and feed at night because he had some development problems. We were coming to feed him and the girls the night of the accident. He isn't doing too well still (you may be able to tell by his size) - poor guy!

When Tara heard we were coming up she and Teddi arranged a Baby Shower for me! It was so sweet of them and it was such a wonderful time. Tara is quite the party-planner! Everything was perfect and there were so many people who came and showed their support.

26 Weeks

Grandma Allen, Teddi, Jessica, Sister Sheets 

Stephanie Garcia and McKenzie Masters

Paula, me, Sister Austin, Sister Briggs 

Aunt Carol, Valentine, Aunt Joyce, Liz

 Tracy Allen, Megan McAdams, Sister Nielson (My Mission Mama), Sara Bezdjian, Shelby Ostler

Such sweet gifts-so fun! 

Adorable little outfit! 

I love all these people so much! 

 Hyrum, Tara, Char, and me. All three of us due within a month of each other! Both Tara and Char are on their 3rd. It was so good to see her and her little man.

 Levi and Ty are getting so big. They are such good buddies. They loved the cake Tara got for the shower. :)

TJ, Devin, Dallin, Beau, Tell
The shower was timed to be during the General Conference Priesthood session so the men were off. Looking sharp!

That night we stayed at TJ and Tara's house. We stayed up late talking and had a lot of fun! The next morning we were headed back to Arizona. So grateful to have seen so many.