Tuesday, October 15, 2013

FB Update: 10/15/13

Dallin's FB Update from 10/15/13.

Update on me!

So this is me, Dallin! I figure now that I am well on my way in my recovery I should do some of these updates myself. 

This is the first one I'm doing personally but I'll get better with this as time goes on. Update wise, things are going great. Its amazing to see small progress every single week. Rehab is going great, my therapist and I are starting an online class this month so thats very exciting! It'll be great to see how well I do in that. 

Also this past weekend I played full court basketball for the first time since the accident, and it felt great. Dribbling felt a bit awkward but that will come with time but I was able to run the court halfway alright and it was lots of fun. 

So Amy and I made a quick trip to Utah and It was amazing! We miss so so much all the wonderful friends and family we have in Utah. We were able to watch on tv General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which was exactly what we needed. General Conference is every six months when the Prophet and 12 Apostles address the entire world. It was absolutely incredible. We had Amy's baby shower and thank you so very much to everyone who was apart of that in any way possible. 

As I become more and more aware of everything around me I'm realizing how much the people who are reading this right now have helped me in my recovery. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I still have lots of recovery to do but thank you for the prayers and the fasting and thoughts for myself and Amy. Her pregnancy is going great! January is getting closer!!! We're sooooooo excited to become parents and Amy is going to be the worlds greatest Mom (she is already the worlds greatest wife) and life is really so great.

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