Sunday, November 24, 2013

FB Update: 11/24/13

Dallin's FB update from 11/24/13.

Hello everyone!

Today, November 24th is a very special day for Amy and I. It’s the most wonderful day I have ever had and ever will have. It’s the day Amy and I got married for time and all eternity and became a family. It has been one year and what a year it has been. I remember us talking about how wonderful 2013 will be, and how it will be our first year being married. Who would have thought on our 1-year anniversary we would be 33 weeks pregnant- we love that we are and it is so exciting. We cannot wait for our little man to arrive in January. Also what we didn’t know is 6 months down the road from the wedding one of us will be lying in a coma struggling to stay alive. We do know that if I would have passed from this life in this accident we would still be married because we were married in a temple forever and the term “till death do you part” does not apply here. This first year has had some of the most wonderful memories and happiest moments we have ever had yet also has had some of the most difficult trials and moments we have ever had. This year is a year of learning. I always thought I would love my wife so much, but that love I thought I would feel for Amy is just a fraction of the real love I really feel for her. Brad Paisley puts it well in his song titled “Then” where he describes how the love grows every single day. It’s a great song that we love to sing to each other. It’s a wonderful life; yes we might get severe brain shearing but the things really important in my life I still have, that is my family. It is true no matter where life takes us, if we are together; It is a wonderful life.

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