Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Clay Welling Wengert - Best birthday ever

We had just finished up a fun-filled weekend here in Marana with all of the Wengert's when little Clay decided to make his appearance! I couldn't have been happier with the timing. I started to feel what I thought were contractions throughout the day on December 30th. I had just assumed they were Braxton Hicks because they were sporadic and short-lived and in all honestly I had no idea what a real contraction felt like. We ran around all day finishing up the calendar pictures for Derek and Jessie so I wasn't paying too much attention to it anyway. We went to bed as usual and around 3:30AM I woke up feeling those strong "cramps". I don't know what's normal, but I pretty much only felt the contractions in my back which is one of the reasons why I didn't think I was in real labor. I realized that they seemed to keep coming. I started timing them and they were about 3-5 min apart. I thought there was no way I was going into labor-it would be too good to be true! I wasn't in a ton of pain, but definitely uncomfortable enough not to be able to sleep. So I turned on a movie to pass the time and distract myself. I figured they'd probably go away soon and if I ended up staying up the rest of the night I could just nap the next day. Dallin is such a hard sleeper that he had no clue what was going on.

I woke Dallin up around 4:30AM since after an hour of consistent contractions I thought there might be a chance this was it and I wanted to talk to somebody about it! He would rub my back when they would come and he went around and started to pack our hospital bag. (Yes, this probably should've been packed earlier, but since we travel so much we always seem to have a suitcase packed.) I took a nice, hot shower and the contractions kept coming. I had this huge fear of going in and being sent away because I thought I'd just be so disappointed if Clay wasn't really coming yet. Also, I thought I'd feel silly for making a big deal about nothing. I decided to call the Women's Center and just ask a nurse if this was labor-haha! After she realized I was a first time mom she said I better wait a couple more hours and that if I was able to talk through them then it most likely wasn't time.

We waited more and I finally broke down and called my mom around 5:30AM. We talked for awhile and she encouraged me to go in. Dallin drove me to the hospital. This was one of his goals of rehab-to get his  license in time to drive me. He did it! And thank goodness. Every bump in the road was painful. By the time we got there it seemed as if the contractions stopped and I thought-Oh boy! Well we were there so we might as well see where I'm at. The nurse that checked me was the same nurse that I talked to on the phone. Her jaw dropped when she checked me and I was dilated to a 6!! She thought she was going to have to send me home. Dallin and I started high-fiving and cheering for joy as I was admitted and we realized we were having the baby!! And to top it all off on my birthday!

I was really nervous about getting an IV (my first one) and the epidural. I don't like needles. To my surprise, it went so smoothly!! The doctor came in and said the baby was head down so she broke my water. She checked me again and realized Clay was actually breech so it was a surprise C-section. Dallin had left to get breakfast so I texted him really quick "C-SECTION. HURRY." He made it just in time to jump in scrubs as I was being rolled out the door into surgery.

I was pretty shocked and nervous. As the Doctor was opening me up I could feel them tugging so the anesthesiologist asked if he could give me a little sedative. I said "No, thank you". In no time, Baby Clay was delivered and I got to see him really quick before they took him to be worked on!

He loves to stick up one foot.

Healthy as a horse.

Our sweet little Buba came out 6lbs 3oz! 

The anesthesiologist kept asking me if I'd like a little sedative so I finally said yes. I thought it would be something to take the edge off, but it turns out it knocked me out. I saw Clay for a quick second after they pulled him out and then I didn't wake up for about an hour. :/ I was really groggy waking up and once I realized what happened I was sad. Dallin took a picture of me and Clay while I was out. But once the drugs wore off and I held that cute little baby boy in my hands, everything was perfect.

There's his little foot sticking up again.

He loves the warm blankets.

 That's one happy Daddy!

We loved snuggling and getting to know this little guy. He is so sweet. 

Grandma Toni couldn't be there in person so she sent us this beautiful, delicious bouquet!

Uncle Tanner with baby Clay!

Auntie Jordan

Uncle Teej!

Grandpa and Grandma Wengert came along with Jordan, Janae, Tanner, Tara, TJ, and the boys!
Our hospital stay was sort of a blur but Clay was healthy and we were all happy to head home!

Clay's first car ride.

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