Wednesday, December 18, 2013

FB Update: 12/18/13

Dallin's FB Update on 12/18/13.

UPDATE: Merry Christmas everyone!! It’s always an exciting time of the year and a great time to reflect on what we are grateful for. We are so excited for the birth of our son; his due date is Jan. 13th. Only 26 more days left!! Amy is doing a fantastic job and we’re trying to learn all we can about raising a child. 

My therapy is going great. I’m reducing my time from 4 days a week to 3 at the therapy center and replacing it with work time for my dad at Marana Vet Clinic. 

We have some exciting news! We’ve found out that we’ll be able to move back to Logan, UT sooner than we thought! I will finish my therapies here in Phoenix, AZ on February 28th and then off to Logan to start work again. I will be taking a couple online classes from Utah State starting January so I will finish those up and get back in the swing of things for starting on campus classes again in the Fall of 2014. I will continue speech therapy in Logan to work on speed of neurological processing, flexible thinking, word finding and other high level executive functions. We are very excited! We have so much to be grateful for we have been so blessed. We have our son who will be here in about a month!! It’s a wonderful life!! -Dallin

I just want to add that this will be a very special Christmas for us. There was a lot of uncertainty about how and if Dallin would recover and we couldn’t have asked for better progress than what he’s made this far. As we reflect upon the birth of Jesus Christ, we remember all the miracles we’ve seen these past six months. With the upcoming arrival of our first son, I’m so grateful that God has allowed Dallin to be here still and to be Clay’s father. There is no greater gift that we could’ve asked for. We know we are so blessed and we don’t take this precious second chance for granted. May you feel the love of the Savior especially this month and know that God knows and cares for you. -Amy

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