Tuesday, December 31, 2013

FB Update: 12/31/13

Dallin's FB Update from 12/31/13.

What an amazing way to end 2013!!!!!!!!!! This year has some of the most wonderful and happy times of our lives as well as some of the most difficult times in our lives. Our dear, dear son was born today December 31st, 2013. Twenty-four years ago on December 31st, 1989 my beautiful, sweet wife was born. I love that our son and Amy share a birthday. 
Our son’s name is Clay Welling Wengert. We love his name and the meaning behind it. Clay is my middle name, which was taken from my fathers name Clayton. Clay’s middle name is Welling, taken from my Neurosurgeon, Dr. Welling, at McKay-Dee Hospital in Utah. Amy and all of my family hung onto every single thing Dr. Welling said. It was a terribly difficult time for everyone and there was so much uncertainty and doubt. He was extremely instrumental in me being able to hold Clay today. I do not remember ever meeting this man but I thank him for all he has done for us.

This morning we did get a little scare. The doctor discovered that Clay was breach and so within 30 minutes Amy was on the table getting a C-Section. She is doing well. Of course it is interesting to see how our birthday plans went from a romantic date to becoming parents in the operating room. We love it! Amy has told me this is the best birthday present she has ever received. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and will have a happy new year!

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