Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holiday trip to Wisconsin

The last trip we had to Wisconsin was a hard and stressful trip with the unexpected passing of my Grandma Jefferson. We were so looking forward to having a peaceful, relaxing time with my mom and family. We decided we'd celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas while there since we wouldn't be returning for Christmas.

Since I knew we'd be in Arizona for Christmas I was hoping we'd have some snow while in Wisconsin! I lucked out!

The second day there we ventured out in the -2 degree weather to cut down our Christmas tree at my best friend's Christmas Tree Farm. 

Dallin fared well even in the cold weather! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It just so happened to be Dallin and my very first anniversary! We went to the Kalahari - this amazing resort in the Dells- and had a really fun time together. We went swimming in the water park there, went out to a very nice steak house, and even treated ourselves in the Spa there. Dallin had his first massage and I got my nails done.  

You can't tell but it's a huge waterpark that extends outdoors as well! 

Our room was so nice with a fireplace and a jacuzzi in the middle of the room.


Because it was our anniversary we got complimentary chocolate-dipped strawberries and champagne. 

 Well not only do we not drink alcohol, but I was pregnant. When I made the reservations weeks earlier I asked about a non-alcoholic alternative and they said absolutely they had one. When we checked in I was surprised without me even needing to remind them, they asked if we still wanted the non-alcoholic alternative. Later on when they delivered the package we ate some of the strawberries and they were so delicious. Hands-down the best chocolate strawberries I've had in my life! (Not to mention the biggest) Dallin filled up a couple of glasses and I asked just to double check if he was sure it wasn't wine. After looking it over again, he said yep and we toasted and began to down the cups. It didn't take long to realize that indeed it was wine-a strong wine! Dallin's defense was that he saw the word "sparkling" on the bottle and assumed it was "sparkling juice" but it really said "sparkling wine" After some initial irritation :) I called down and they apologized and sent us up the promised non-alcoholic version. Thank you wonderful husband for my first experience with alcohol! 

Sparkling WINE!

Sparkling Grape Juice!

Our wedding anniversary wasn't the only one we ended up celebrating in Wisconsin. It was also Dallin's six-month mark from his accident. It's crazy to believe that it was six months ago! On the one hand, it seems so far away and on the other, it seems like just yesterday. 

We captured this picture of him today playing football -- what a stark difference between the bleak diagnosis from just a few short months ago. 

November 30, 2013

May 30, 2013 (6 months earlier)
Here is the post Dallin and I put on facebook in honor of his six-month mark:

It’s hard to believe that six months ago today Dallin got in his car accident. Everything about that day was normal, everyday life. It’s crazy how life can change in a second. Looking back on these last six months I remember a lot of the uncertainty, the heart-breaking times, and the passing despair. I remember seeing him get hit by the other vehicle, watching him as he had multiple seizures on the med flight, and hearing the bleak prognosis. More than that, though, I remember the tender mercies of God, the powerful fasts, the building of hope and faith, and ultimately the miracles. I remember the prayers that pleaded for the help of heaven and the blessings of reassurance that healing would come. I remember Dallin’s first thumbs up, the first time he stood and Dr. Welling telling us that the sky is the limit. I know that there is so much to learn from this and that I’ll never stop learning from this experience. Although the future is still unclear, I know that as we keep the faith, it will be bright. God is a loving Father. He allows us these experiences to build us up and to strengthen our faith in Him and ourselves. There is a quote I like, “Sometimes God calms the storm...sometimes he lets the storm rage and He calms his child.”

I can’t begin to thank everyone for their prayers and support. It has meant so much to our family and me. I remember on the darker days reading some of the comments and stories and feeling so much encouragement from them. So many have touched us so deeply and Dallin and I only hope that we can pay it forward as time goes on. We appreciate your love and are so grateful for it. - Amy

Although there is close to 3 months of these past 6 months that I don’t remember, I have seen many pictures and videos about those times along with stories and experiences. I have heard of people from across the world rallying together in my behalf to pray and fast as well as provide fundraisers and other help. I could try to tell each and every one of you thank you but that would be impossible. I am convinced that if there were no miracles and we only relied on the elements of science then the outcome of this accident would be very different. We are so grateful for all the love each and every one of you have showed us. In a few years our dear son will be able to thank you as well for saving his daddy. We can’t thank you enough. I’m still working on my recovery in my therapy sessions, which are going great and we are at 34 weeks in Amy’s pregnancy! We are so excited!!! Lets have a wonderful and safe holiday session and remember we are so grateful for you and we love you!!!

Looking at these pictures we see how far we have come because of the prayers, fasting, and thoughts you guys have given. Thank You. -Dallin

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