Monday, December 30, 2013

Missionary Calendar

Ever since meeting Tara in Wisconsin on her mission I've always loved that the Wengert family makes a "Missionary Calendar" to send out to those on the mission. Each month is a different picture and as the years have gone on they get crazier and more creative! I never thought I'd be in one, but I must say it was just so much fun!!
Pregnancy Day!
(The day before I went into labor!)

Witches Day!
Levi in the pot. Soo funny! 

Missionary Day! 
So fitting to be sending this one out to the missionaries. Love Devin's role!

Nativity Day!
I loooooove that Dolly and Retha are actually in the picture and Festus too! 
Laura's beard!

Can't wait to SEE you Day!

Greece Day!
It was fun putting together the leaf hats!
Duck Dynasty Day!
Ok, Clayton was so funny in this one. He's the one in the body suit, top right!

Chinese Day!
Inspired by Teddi who served in Hong Kong. Love Clayton's head dress!

U of A Day!!
Our Christmas Jammies matched perfectly. I love how some of our Indian paint is still on!

Indian Day
The boys were sooo adorable in this one. (Ty and Levi of course) Everyone made fun of my face after looking at this one. I was going for tough...

Nurses Day
Inspired by Tara and Devin. Okay this one was probably the most fun! Yes that is TJ giving birth to Gracie. She was such a good sport. (Gracie, I mean) TJ was too!! 

This is only eleven pictures. The other month we are going to use the "Miracles Happen" picture from the family reunion. I have to say this is one of the funnest things I've ever done with the Wengerts. I think this tradition is so fun. The memories made along the way are worth all the work put in. 

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