Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Clay - 2nd Week

This week has been full of lots of loving on our little man. 

Little sleepy babe.

Clay sleeps pretty well at night, at least I think so. We feed him around 10PM and 2AM and then again around 6AM on a good night. Since the Doctor is still concerned about Clay's weight, though, I can't let him go any longer than 3-4 hour stretches. So I haven't gotten a really good stretch of sleep in, but I take naps during the day. My incision is feeling better a little at a time. 

He loves the warm bath, but it took him a few minutes to realize it.

Washing the car with Dad. Thanks to the awesome baby carrier from Rachel.

He slept the whole time. :)

We got these from the Wisconsin baby shower. So nice!

That's adorable.

He LOVES to have a foot in the air.

Love those little faces. 

Sunbathing. Clay's Doctor says Clay's bilirubin levels still aren't right so we had to get MORE jaundice tests. Clay took it like a champ. It's nice to be in Arizona where we can do this. 

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