Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Clay - 3rd Week

Another wonderful week with this beautiful babe.
Everyday we go to Grandpa and Grandma Wengerts (next door) and see how they are doing and give them some loving from baby Clay. Laura got him his very own bounce or "jiggle bottom" as she calls it. He loves that. Clay sometimes giggle in his sleep. Just before Clay's bath I put a towel in the dryer so when he's done he can have a nice warm towel. 

This picture is worth a thousand words!

Baby rolls!!

Trying out the binky. It's half the size of his face.

Foot up? Check. Okay now I'm ready for my day.

Toy from Great Aunt Lisa. Another binky that's too big for my mouth.

Love these lips.

Waking up face!

I think I'll take it easy today. Maybe take a few naps, eat, who knows maybe go for a walk.

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