Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Clay - First Week!

This first week with Clay has been incredible. We have been so blessed with this sweet little boy. My mom came out from Wisconsin to help for this first week and it was good to have her here.

We love to walk by and see Clay's little feet in the air or he will be in the car seat under the cover and all the sudden we will see thing foot jolt out and stick up. So cute.

We got a little surprise on the day we got home from the hospital from Cousin Katie Gruber. (Jefferson)
We LOVE it!

It's really big!

We also were able to celebrate our birthdays with delicious funfetti cake!

Little heavenly bundle!

Tiny hands.

Clay's first Doctor appointment. Clay had to get more bilirubin tests done. He thinks Clay may have jaundice. The Doctor is just a little concerned about Clay's weight so we have another weight check appointment soon.

Lots of cuddles.

More cuddles with Grandpa Wengert. They both love naps!

I didn't get a chance to get my pre-labor pedi so I got one this week :)

Love all of his cute faces!

My favorite thing is to wake him up by unswaddling him slowly and watching these cute and funny faces.

Look at that cutie!!

1 week new!

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