Friday, January 31, 2014

Clay - One Month

Time flies when you're having fun! 

That little Clay is rounding out! Woohoo. Mama has been working hard on that.

Date night! Egees and a walk in the park.

Dallin has been going to 
Phoenix for therapy for three days a week. Clay and I get a lot of together time. Grandma Wengert is so nice and invites us over for dinner every night. Clay and I always have Chico walk us back to the casita to protect us from the rattle snakes and scorpions. 


His hands are so spastic. Clay is constantly hitting himself in the face. He wouldn't get a wink of sleep without being swaddled.

That face.

Merry is this little bulldog that Clayton c-sectioned just a few days before Clay was born.

She was the only one to live past a week. We had to do a photo shoot.

Good morning stretches.

I'm a happy boy!

Ready for church.

Great Grandpa Wengert and Carol came for a visit.
Four generation picture!

Great Grandpa with Clay

It was so good to see them.

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