Friday, February 28, 2014

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is a nickname our family friend, Julie Moore, gave me when we lived in Chicago. It was because I was always falling and getting hurt. Always. Somethings don't change

I was actually in the middle of setting up a surprise date night with Dallin. Literally, I was setting up a tent in the back yard. We were going to have s'mores and I looked up ghost stories. Clay would sleep out there with us. I had to keep going in and out the back door because I left the instructions inside. Well on my way out the door, my foot caught the ledge and I landed on my out stretched arm. Immediately I knew something bad happened while laying on the ground. I just had a feeling it was broken. Clay was asleep luckily and not in my arms. I called my mom and she encouraged me to go in. I was in pain, but still in too much shock to feel the real effect of my injury. I was mostly crying about the ruined date. I called Heidi, my cousin who lives down the street, to come get Clay. She offered to drive me to the hospital, but for some reason I thought I could do it fine on my own. Dallin wasn't answering so I called Megan and asked her to tell Dallin. I was supposed to watch Tucker that evening. 

It was a painful drive to the hospital. I couldn't move my arm at all. Walking into the ER my arm was dangling below my knee it was in so much pain. By the time they took me back my whole body was hunched in pain. Not fun. Very swollen. Dallin made it and was so good the whole time.

X-rays came back and they wanted to do more. This second time around the x-rays hurt WAY worse. Scream out in pain worse. It was evident. I had fractured my radial head. (AKA: elbow break)

Dallin knew what would cheer me up. For the first few days I couldn't pick Clay up, change his diaper, or do much at all. Kenny and Janalee came over right away to help with Clay. Conner and Megara brought over Twizl Berry, a frozen yogurt place we love. We are so lucky to have such good friends. 

Now that time has gone by I can see so many reasons why this happened and how it was truly a blessing in disguise.

Clay - 2 Months

I can't believe Clay is already 2 months old! We made sure to get set up with a Doctor as soon as we were up here. He weighed 9.13 lbs, was 22.25 in long and his head circumference was 15.3. He is still quite light for his age but he is growing and developing well. 

Here are some pictures from the past month.

My cute little man. This is the life.

He's getting a little better at playing with his toys.

Love that little tongue

Always trying to up his weight. This is at the Vet Clinic down in Marana.

This face.

The onesey I bought I used to surprise Dallin that I was pregnant. Crazy to think Clay fits in it now.

Learning the weather is a lot different here than in Arizona.

First little smiles!

Cute little hat

Just love him

He's started falling asleep with one or both eyes open. What a cutie.

I've decided I'm completely one hundred percent obsessed with this little guy.

Monday, February 24, 2014

FB Update: 2/24/14

Here is Dallin's FB update from 2/24/214.

So these past two weeks have been pretty crazy! We are doing fantastic and little Clay is getting bigger and stronger everyday. So we have moved our little family back up to Logan, Utah. We got up here last Saturday and we are all moved in now. Last Thursday I finished my therapies at The Center for Transitional Neurorehabilitation in Phoenix and I am continuing Speech Therapy here in Logan at the Speech-Language-Hearing Center at Utah State University. My boss, Dave, held my job this whole time at the Sheep and Goat Unit at Utah State University and I have started my job there again. Amy has also gotten her job back at the Western Rural Development Center at Utah State. What a blessing that was?! Our old apartment complex had some openings and we got our apartment just a few doors down from our old one. After the accident we put everything in a storage unit since we were living in hospitals and it was amazing the amount of friends and family who came and helped us load up everything from our storage unit and take it to our new home. I am continuing my online class through Utah State University and in the fall I plan on becoming a full time student again until then I am working, doing my online class, continuing my therapy, and raising my son. It is amazing being back and people have been so incredibly supportive of us and we can’t say thank you enough. 

This is not the end of the road to recovery. I still have plenty more of that to do, but it is a major mile marker. I know if I was without the love, support, prayers, fasting, and thoughts so many I would not be alive today let alone be attending school and work again. I understand many of you I have never met but I look forward to the day we do meet and I’m able to tell you thank you. 

Trials such as this accident could bring up questions of why did this happen to me, or what did I do wrong? This accident has taught me how much trials teach us and help us to grow closer to God. We are never given a trial that we cannot handle with the help of God.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Chili Cook Off

Since being back up here, Utah State has been so kind to us. The College of Ag and Applied Sciences had their annual Chili Cook off and donated the proceeds to us. We couldn't be more touched by their generosity. 

We decided we should compete! Good thing Rachel was there to save us. She made some delicious chili that won second place! 

That really should say Rachel LeBaron.

It was so nice of her to come out to be with us. She let me sleep each night she was there. It was heavenly. She is a good little mama. 

It was a great turn out.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Settling In

We were so lucky that many were able to come and help us move in. We are back in the same town home complex as before. I have it all set up like it was before. Sometimes I have a moment where I need to catch my breath because I see something that wasn't there before the accident and remember that we left for a good part of a year.

Just a few short months ago we had no idea it'd even be possible for us to be back here. It is such a miracle. We are so grateful for how things are falling into place. Dallin was able to go back to the job he had before in just a couple days after we got here. What a blessing! Another unexpected blessing is that I have been able to go back to my former job at the Western Rural Development Center as well. We have been received with open arms here and we are just so grateful.

It's been great to see people we haven't seen for so long.

My MTC companion, Megan McAdams.

One of Clay's girlfriends. Matt and Cherylyn's daughter.

It was sooooo great to meet up with these besties. Conner and Megan and to meet their little guy Tucker. Tuck is 3 weeks older than Clay.

New Dads

Best Buds

Play together, Nap together

We ended up celebrating Valentine's Day later since that was the weekend we moved in. Since Rachel came to town, she watched Clay while we went out to dinner.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Utah State Bound

It was so fun to go to Barrow's where Dallin spent a month in inpatient rehab recovering. There are so many memories from there that I'll never forget. Some crazy nights and all day therapy. Sacks, the restaurant across the street where I often ate. The young lady that would come in each day to take our order-pretty good hospital food. The morning sickness. The staff there that became the only sane people I'd talk to all day. (Unless family was visiting, of course.) Dallin putting shaving cream all over his head because he forgot what it was for. Dallin saying things like, "Boo-ya, in your face" to the therapists when he completed a task correctly. Tube feedings and pulling out his own trach. We are so grateful for the staff here and we love them.

Room 23. This helped Dallin remember how old he was.
We will never forget this room. Well, I guess I'll never forget it. To Dallin, this was his first time seeing it. He said he couldn't remember a single thing from here. I'm not surprised though. So when all the staff saw us and gave us hugs, it was him meeting them for the first time really. What a sweet reunion.

Dallin and Clay in His hospital room.

We said goodbye to Preston, Amanda, and little Rum by going out to eat at Zupas. They have been so good to us while we've been down here.

Dallin and his Neuropsychologist Stephen. 
And of course, saying goodbye to CTN therapists. These people worked with Dallin day in and day out for months. They helped him set and meet goals. One being that he could drive me to the hospital when I went into labor. There will be more pictures to come. 

We had the casita all packed up so Clay ended up sleeping in this suit case. He actually enjoyed it. Cutie.

Utah State Bound.
On our way back up to Utah State, Dallin drove the truck and I drove the 4-Runner with Clay. I couldn't believe we fit all of our things in those two vehicles. We stopped in St. George at my Grandma Mann's to stay the night. Then we stopped at Tara and TJ's to meet little Shad and see everyone!

Clay and Shad hit it off. Clay felt the flesh of Shad's cheek and just started sucking. 

This will be one for the wedding videos.  Haha!

Little Levi is such a good big brother.

So good to see Teddi (so pregnant!) and Devin. We are just waiting on their little baby to get here.

Clay had a little moment.

Not to worry though, Ty Ty is experienced. Adorable.

They both tried to latch. Haha!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gilbert Temple Open House

The Wengert family took a trip to the gorgeous Gilbert Temple open house. It was fun to show Dan since he had never been to one.

We got the idea to wrap Clay up so we could easily carry him everywhere. It was a great idea, but at one point he wouldn't stop crying. It turns out his foot was twisted. I made sure everything was comfortable for him before I put him back in it. I felt sooo bad!

We love to see the temple!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

FB Post: 2/2/14

Dallin's FB update from 2/2/14.

Update on us:

We have been doing wonderful! Clay is a happy and healthy baby and Amy is such an incredible mother and does so much for our little family. It’s crazy to think within 2 weeks we’ll be calling Logan, UT home again! We are so excited and we feel it will be a great move for our little family. Arizona has been wonderful to us but it’s time to get into our own place and get back into work and school again. 
Lately I’ve been thinking about this accident a lot and I feel every once in a while I should write down my thoughts. The aftermath of this accident is certainly miraculous. I think of it more as a collection of miracles. I have seen this in Clay being born as well. So many miraculous things must happen to allow a baby to take his first breath of life. It’s incredible and what a miracle Amy & Clay could make all these necessary steps happen in his development while trying to keep me alive. 

Within the first week we knew Amy was pregnant I signed up for text messages to be sent to my phone with messages about being pregnant or the baby size or progress in development. I got one that said pregnant women should try not to gas up their vehicles because of the fumes. So I told Amy I’d like to be the one to fill up our cars. It made quiet an impression on me. The night of the accident we were driving home from helping my uncle & aunt move and I needed to stop by work real quick. Amy and I had arrived at my uncle & aunt’s house separately because I came from work so we needed to drive home separately. Her car was on empty so I thought I would take her car and she could drive my little truck back. As you can see by the pictures it is truly a miracle I was not killed. I did not even have a broken bone. That car helped save my life, it is a very solid car and should I have been in my little tiny truck I do not think I would have had a chance of surviving this accident. (It’s a miracle we even had this car in the first place. We had borrowed it recently from Amy’s Step Dad since our other car broke down.) Another huge miracle and an amazing blessing is that Amy and little Clay growing in her tummy were not in the car with me. I can’t think of another time where we followed each other home. I have tried to find the passenger seat of our car in this picture and I can’t find it. It was horrific that the accident happened right in front of her eyes but what a blessing that she was not in that car. I am so so grateful she was not. 

- Dallin & Amy Wengert