Sunday, February 2, 2014

FB Post: 2/2/14

Dallin's FB update from 2/2/14.

Update on us:

We have been doing wonderful! Clay is a happy and healthy baby and Amy is such an incredible mother and does so much for our little family. It’s crazy to think within 2 weeks we’ll be calling Logan, UT home again! We are so excited and we feel it will be a great move for our little family. Arizona has been wonderful to us but it’s time to get into our own place and get back into work and school again. 
Lately I’ve been thinking about this accident a lot and I feel every once in a while I should write down my thoughts. The aftermath of this accident is certainly miraculous. I think of it more as a collection of miracles. I have seen this in Clay being born as well. So many miraculous things must happen to allow a baby to take his first breath of life. It’s incredible and what a miracle Amy & Clay could make all these necessary steps happen in his development while trying to keep me alive. 

Within the first week we knew Amy was pregnant I signed up for text messages to be sent to my phone with messages about being pregnant or the baby size or progress in development. I got one that said pregnant women should try not to gas up their vehicles because of the fumes. So I told Amy I’d like to be the one to fill up our cars. It made quiet an impression on me. The night of the accident we were driving home from helping my uncle & aunt move and I needed to stop by work real quick. Amy and I had arrived at my uncle & aunt’s house separately because I came from work so we needed to drive home separately. Her car was on empty so I thought I would take her car and she could drive my little truck back. As you can see by the pictures it is truly a miracle I was not killed. I did not even have a broken bone. That car helped save my life, it is a very solid car and should I have been in my little tiny truck I do not think I would have had a chance of surviving this accident. (It’s a miracle we even had this car in the first place. We had borrowed it recently from Amy’s Step Dad since our other car broke down.) Another huge miracle and an amazing blessing is that Amy and little Clay growing in her tummy were not in the car with me. I can’t think of another time where we followed each other home. I have tried to find the passenger seat of our car in this picture and I can’t find it. It was horrific that the accident happened right in front of her eyes but what a blessing that she was not in that car. I am so so grateful she was not. 

- Dallin & Amy Wengert

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