Monday, February 17, 2014

Settling In

We were so lucky that many were able to come and help us move in. We are back in the same town home complex as before. I have it all set up like it was before. Sometimes I have a moment where I need to catch my breath because I see something that wasn't there before the accident and remember that we left for a good part of a year.

Just a few short months ago we had no idea it'd even be possible for us to be back here. It is such a miracle. We are so grateful for how things are falling into place. Dallin was able to go back to the job he had before in just a couple days after we got here. What a blessing! Another unexpected blessing is that I have been able to go back to my former job at the Western Rural Development Center as well. We have been received with open arms here and we are just so grateful.

It's been great to see people we haven't seen for so long.

My MTC companion, Megan McAdams.

One of Clay's girlfriends. Matt and Cherylyn's daughter.

It was sooooo great to meet up with these besties. Conner and Megan and to meet their little guy Tucker. Tuck is 3 weeks older than Clay.

New Dads

Best Buds

Play together, Nap together

We ended up celebrating Valentine's Day later since that was the weekend we moved in. Since Rachel came to town, she watched Clay while we went out to dinner.

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