Saturday, February 15, 2014

Utah State Bound

It was so fun to go to Barrow's where Dallin spent a month in inpatient rehab recovering. There are so many memories from there that I'll never forget. Some crazy nights and all day therapy. Sacks, the restaurant across the street where I often ate. The young lady that would come in each day to take our order-pretty good hospital food. The morning sickness. The staff there that became the only sane people I'd talk to all day. (Unless family was visiting, of course.) Dallin putting shaving cream all over his head because he forgot what it was for. Dallin saying things like, "Boo-ya, in your face" to the therapists when he completed a task correctly. Tube feedings and pulling out his own trach. We are so grateful for the staff here and we love them.

Room 23. This helped Dallin remember how old he was.
We will never forget this room. Well, I guess I'll never forget it. To Dallin, this was his first time seeing it. He said he couldn't remember a single thing from here. I'm not surprised though. So when all the staff saw us and gave us hugs, it was him meeting them for the first time really. What a sweet reunion.

Dallin and Clay in His hospital room.

We said goodbye to Preston, Amanda, and little Rum by going out to eat at Zupas. They have been so good to us while we've been down here.

Dallin and his Neuropsychologist Stephen. 
And of course, saying goodbye to CTN therapists. These people worked with Dallin day in and day out for months. They helped him set and meet goals. One being that he could drive me to the hospital when I went into labor. There will be more pictures to come. 

We had the casita all packed up so Clay ended up sleeping in this suit case. He actually enjoyed it. Cutie.

Utah State Bound.
On our way back up to Utah State, Dallin drove the truck and I drove the 4-Runner with Clay. I couldn't believe we fit all of our things in those two vehicles. We stopped in St. George at my Grandma Mann's to stay the night. Then we stopped at Tara and TJ's to meet little Shad and see everyone!

Clay and Shad hit it off. Clay felt the flesh of Shad's cheek and just started sucking. 

This will be one for the wedding videos.  Haha!

Little Levi is such a good big brother.

So good to see Teddi (so pregnant!) and Devin. We are just waiting on their little baby to get here.

Clay had a little moment.

Not to worry though, Ty Ty is experienced. Adorable.

They both tried to latch. Haha!

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