Monday, March 31, 2014

Clay- 3 Months

We can't believe it's been 3 whole months! Our little tyke is loving Utah and has been doing a lot!
Here are some photos of the things we've done.

One word: HOW??
Who can sleep like this? Yes, he was sleeping.

Dallin wanted to take a picture of him in this outfit and send it to all his sisters. :)

Meeting Grandpa and Grandma Allen

SMILES. (blurry)

You can't help but love this face!!
LOVES his baths.

Love this flannel shirt :)

Girlfriend Jane the day of her blessing!!

Not really sure what I was going for here, but it's cute. 
I threw my hair over his head. He'd make a cute girl.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dinner with the Marcum's

It was such a blast to have Jenna here visiting us. While she was here we went to dinner at the Marcum's home. Elder Marcum served in Wisconsin during the time of the accident. He was very supportive through it all and got his family involved too. They made a very generous donation and have been following the story. 

They were absolutely the kindest people ever!!

Clay was in a nice suit all dressed up and as soon as we got to their house, Clay blew out of his outfit and we forgot to bring an extra one! (That'll never happen again!) So the cute little onesie that Clay is wearing was one that Elder Marcum wore when he was a baby. So sweet!

 Karen (right) is so wonderful!!

 Dallin and Marcum

Our last night with Jenna!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Dallin Wengert Benefit Concert

The College of Ag and Applied Sciences wanted to do something for us and their council had been wanting to have a country show so they decided to combine the two events and turn it into a benefit! We couldn't have been more pleased or touched by their kindness. Not to mention EXCITED!! We love country music. We looked up County Red online and listened to some of their music and they were awesome and we couldn't wait to hear them in real life.
This was a sign they put up to advertise. So cool!!

The Ellis boys were also amazing!! I loved their voices and they were so down to earth!

County Red was incredible. Seriously they sounded like all the awesome country bands on the radio, maybe even better though. Honestly, I believe they will be famous someday! SOON!
Austin Jones, the lead singer, is SO incredible!

 Hanging out before the show!

Dad and the kids made it! 

A picture with the band.

County Red, Ellis Boys, and Family.

Austin and Ashli Jones
They have the cutest family ever. I am just so excited to see where their life takes them.

These guys were so awesome and she was due soon! So happy for them. :)
They were all so sweet and down to earth. They talked about how they had been following the story and wanted to do something to help!!


Before the show we took the boys to the farm to see the animals.

Ty Ty and Baby Goats!!

Levi and Squash, who will follow you everywhere!

Ty Ty was so brave and hopped up into the tractor with Dallin.

This all happened right around Dallin's birthday. Aunt Janalee came over and watched Clay while we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings! (Just like last year)

The BIG 24!
Wearing one of his new birthday shirts!
I also got him a nice new backpack to start off the new school year this Fall. His was falling apart and he has a lot of schooling left to do.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Herald Journal article on Dallin

The Herald Journal asked if they could do a follow up story on Dallin now that he is back to Logan. It made the front page.

As always there are a few things that are a little off, but we were just so happy that they wanted to do this feature!

USU employee Dallin Wengert reflects on car accident that put him in coma

Almost a year ago, the hopes and dreams of a newly married couple expecting their first baby were dashed in an instant when Dallin Wengert made a left-hand turn in the path of an oncoming vehicle on U.S. Highway 89/91 in front the Utah State University sheep farm in Wellsville.
Dallin’s wife, Amy, was driving in a separate car and watched in horror as Dallin’s car was broadsided. He was flown to an Ogden hospital in a coma.
Amy said the first doctor who examined Dallin told her not to be hopeful that he would wake up. Over and over, he said the injury was “bad, bad, bad,” she recalled.
The neurologist had a different opinion: He said he was “cautiously optimistic.”
“Those words were the one thing that helped us hang on,” Amy said.
Dallin did wake up, and in fact, he has made a nearly complete recovery.
He still has work to do, but in February, he and Amy were able to return home to Logan after spending months in an Arizona rehab center.
Dallin stayed in Ogden for two weeks — still in a very childlike state due to the brain injury. He had to relearn how to eat, walk and talk.
His family transferred him to a facility in Phoenix, where he spent several weeks in inpatient rehab before being released to continue therapy.
Dallin WengertHe stayed in a Phoenix hotel during the week and was in therapy for four days, all day, just like a full-time job. He learned how to brush his teeth, and the first time he was given shaving cream, he put it in his hair.
“The hardest part wasn’t the pain,” Dallin said. “It was the realization that there were many things I couldn’t do anymore … and each day wondering, ‘Is this where my recovery stops?”
Amy, on the other hand, remembers the pain all too well. She looked for cars that could fit a wheelchair. She thought about how he loved to play basketball with his brothers and tearfully recalls asking them not to tease him.
“This is stuff he doesn’t understand,” she said. “I remember every little moment from when I was banging on the car window trying to get him to wake up, and I remember when he quit breathing and the doctors arguing over what was best for him.”
In the process of learning how to live again, Amy said Dallin even had to “learn” that he was married to her. He was rather smitten with her but thought for sure she had a boyfriend who would beat him up. Amy told him over and over they were married, and when it finally sunk in, he said, “You mean I am the luckiest man in the world?”
Then there were the conversations about the baby.
Dallin experienced a great deal of memory loss, so Amy also told him they were going to be parents in December.
He stared at her in disbelief and said, “Are you sure?”
News of the baby’s arrival spurred Dallin to work even harder because he wanted to be able to drive Amy to the hospital.
“I wanted to remember this,” Dallin said. “I wanted to have a memory of the birth.”
From then on, Dallin’s goal was to get his driver’s license back in time for the baby’s arrival in December. It was a lofty goal, Amy said, but one he accomplished.
When the baby came, Dallin did indeed drive Amy to the hospital, and while the delivery wasn’t exactly as he anticipated, it is a memory he carries with him. The baby, born on Amy’s birthday, was a boy. His name — Clay Welling Wengert, after Dr. Welling, who allowed the family to hope.
Dallin and Amy returned to Logan in February, and since then, every detail has fallen perfectly into place. They were able to move into the same apartment complex they were in last year, and Dallin’s employer at the sheep farm held his job for him all this time. Dallin is still continuing with speech therapy but is currently taking one online class, with plans to resume his education full time this fall.
Amy has also returned to her previous employer, USU’s Western Rural Development Center.
She attributes Dallin’s progress to prayers sent from around the world as news of the crash spread quickly.
“I don’t know how or why, but we are just so grateful,” she said. “I would fall on my knees to express how grateful we are.”

Monday, March 17, 2014

FB Update: 3/17/14

Here is Dallin's FB update from 3/27/14.


Our son Clay is 11 weeks old tomorrow and he is such an amazing little man. We are asking you to remember him in your prayers. Today we took him to the Doctor because he hasn’t been breathing real well and coughing a lot and he has RSV. As we know there is so much power in prayer, that‘s why Clay still has me here to take care of him. You could say to yourself now the Wengert’s are done getting hurt. Dallin has his brain injury, Amy has her broken arm, and now Clay has his respiratory virus but we have become stronger from each one of these challenges and have been taught so much during the process. That’s why we can stick with “come what may and love it.” As we live life things won’t be easy but we grow from those hard things. It gives me comfort that God continues to give us hard situations because I know He won’t give us anything we can’t handle.

My dad shared with us kids an important concept that we can learn from dogs. To make the story clearer my dad is a Veterinarian and is talking about animals coming into the Veterinary Clinic.

“It is interesting to watch dogs that come to the clinic for various procedures. I am sure their day starts out great as their Master gets their leash they must think of happy thoughts of a walk or a ride in the car. Sometimes it makes their whole body wag in excitement. However as they pull into the parking lot and come into the clinic their excitement seems to change. Now they are apprehensive and nervous and wonder if they have done something wrong. To their dismay their owner seems to abandon them as they are stuck in a cage behind the wire cage doors. Maybe they think their Master no longer loves them. However the thing I have noticed over the years is their keen sense of recognizing their Master on his return. Even before the Master enters the clinic there is great excitement in the cage. They almost always rise up and bark, as they know the Master is near. They rise up and are so excited and wag that tail in anticipation of the Master they love and will do anything to serve and please him. I never get tired of peaking around the corner and watching their response to their Master. I often think that I could learn a lot from a dog. If only I was as responsive to our Master when I recognize His presence. I should show more excitement to serve and please. Just like these dogs that rise up and serve so must we.” 

We can sometimes feel like we must have done something wrong and God has abandoned us but I promise you He has not. As I laid in that coma I bet I could have felt like I had done something wrong but now I know how much stronger I am becoming because of that. 

So when we see God again we should be like the dogs and jump up in excitement and be ready and willing to do whatever he asks of us.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Blessed Day

Before Clay and Shad were even born we decided it'd be best to have their baby blessings on the same day so that family would only have to travel once. Since Dallin and I were only just getting settled back into this ward we decided to have it down in Pleasant Grove in TJ and Tara's ward. 

It was a beautiful day for a baby blessing. Laura, Clayton, and Tanner drove up from Arizona and my brother, Spencer just happened to be in town to visit.

Father and Son

Our little family

Big day for these two


This blanket was given to Tara for Ty's blessing and she cherishes it very much and uses it for all of her boys' blessings.

Love them!

So glad my family was able to come, especially Spencer!

Mixture of Dallin's family.

The three little ones! Okay so Teddi's baby is still in her stomach, still present though!

The Fathers

The Men

Love this picture

Here's everyone.

Tara and I thought it'd be cute if they matched after the blessing! So cute!

I think they look alike in this one

Shad, Clay, and Jane (Char's girl). They seem wiped out. They were just fighting over Jane. Looks like Clay won ;) Love her painted nails.

Tara did such a good job with the decorations.

Grandpa Heaven

Justin and Char are such good friends!