Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Blessed Day

Before Clay and Shad were even born we decided it'd be best to have their baby blessings on the same day so that family would only have to travel once. Since Dallin and I were only just getting settled back into this ward we decided to have it down in Pleasant Grove in TJ and Tara's ward. 

It was a beautiful day for a baby blessing. Laura, Clayton, and Tanner drove up from Arizona and my brother, Spencer just happened to be in town to visit.

Father and Son

Our little family

Big day for these two


This blanket was given to Tara for Ty's blessing and she cherishes it very much and uses it for all of her boys' blessings.

Love them!

So glad my family was able to come, especially Spencer!

Mixture of Dallin's family.

The three little ones! Okay so Teddi's baby is still in her stomach, still present though!

The Fathers

The Men

Love this picture

Here's everyone.

Tara and I thought it'd be cute if they matched after the blessing! So cute!

I think they look alike in this one

Shad, Clay, and Jane (Char's girl). They seem wiped out. They were just fighting over Jane. Looks like Clay won ;) Love her painted nails.

Tara did such a good job with the decorations.

Grandpa Heaven

Justin and Char are such good friends!

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