Friday, March 21, 2014

Dallin Wengert Benefit Concert

The College of Ag and Applied Sciences wanted to do something for us and their council had been wanting to have a country show so they decided to combine the two events and turn it into a benefit! We couldn't have been more pleased or touched by their kindness. Not to mention EXCITED!! We love country music. We looked up County Red online and listened to some of their music and they were awesome and we couldn't wait to hear them in real life.
This was a sign they put up to advertise. So cool!!

The Ellis boys were also amazing!! I loved their voices and they were so down to earth!

County Red was incredible. Seriously they sounded like all the awesome country bands on the radio, maybe even better though. Honestly, I believe they will be famous someday! SOON!
Austin Jones, the lead singer, is SO incredible!

 Hanging out before the show!

Dad and the kids made it! 

A picture with the band.

County Red, Ellis Boys, and Family.

Austin and Ashli Jones
They have the cutest family ever. I am just so excited to see where their life takes them.

These guys were so awesome and she was due soon! So happy for them. :)
They were all so sweet and down to earth. They talked about how they had been following the story and wanted to do something to help!!


Before the show we took the boys to the farm to see the animals.

Ty Ty and Baby Goats!!

Levi and Squash, who will follow you everywhere!

Ty Ty was so brave and hopped up into the tractor with Dallin.

This all happened right around Dallin's birthday. Aunt Janalee came over and watched Clay while we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings! (Just like last year)

The BIG 24!
Wearing one of his new birthday shirts!
I also got him a nice new backpack to start off the new school year this Fall. His was falling apart and he has a lot of schooling left to do.

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