Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dinner with the Marcum's

It was such a blast to have Jenna here visiting us. While she was here we went to dinner at the Marcum's home. Elder Marcum served in Wisconsin during the time of the accident. He was very supportive through it all and got his family involved too. They made a very generous donation and have been following the story. 

They were absolutely the kindest people ever!!

Clay was in a nice suit all dressed up and as soon as we got to their house, Clay blew out of his outfit and we forgot to bring an extra one! (That'll never happen again!) So the cute little onesie that Clay is wearing was one that Elder Marcum wore when he was a baby. So sweet!

 Karen (right) is so wonderful!!

 Dallin and Marcum

Our last night with Jenna!

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