Monday, March 17, 2014

FB Update: 3/17/14

Here is Dallin's FB update from 3/27/14.


Our son Clay is 11 weeks old tomorrow and he is such an amazing little man. We are asking you to remember him in your prayers. Today we took him to the Doctor because he hasn’t been breathing real well and coughing a lot and he has RSV. As we know there is so much power in prayer, that‘s why Clay still has me here to take care of him. You could say to yourself now the Wengert’s are done getting hurt. Dallin has his brain injury, Amy has her broken arm, and now Clay has his respiratory virus but we have become stronger from each one of these challenges and have been taught so much during the process. That’s why we can stick with “come what may and love it.” As we live life things won’t be easy but we grow from those hard things. It gives me comfort that God continues to give us hard situations because I know He won’t give us anything we can’t handle.

My dad shared with us kids an important concept that we can learn from dogs. To make the story clearer my dad is a Veterinarian and is talking about animals coming into the Veterinary Clinic.

“It is interesting to watch dogs that come to the clinic for various procedures. I am sure their day starts out great as their Master gets their leash they must think of happy thoughts of a walk or a ride in the car. Sometimes it makes their whole body wag in excitement. However as they pull into the parking lot and come into the clinic their excitement seems to change. Now they are apprehensive and nervous and wonder if they have done something wrong. To their dismay their owner seems to abandon them as they are stuck in a cage behind the wire cage doors. Maybe they think their Master no longer loves them. However the thing I have noticed over the years is their keen sense of recognizing their Master on his return. Even before the Master enters the clinic there is great excitement in the cage. They almost always rise up and bark, as they know the Master is near. They rise up and are so excited and wag that tail in anticipation of the Master they love and will do anything to serve and please him. I never get tired of peaking around the corner and watching their response to their Master. I often think that I could learn a lot from a dog. If only I was as responsive to our Master when I recognize His presence. I should show more excitement to serve and please. Just like these dogs that rise up and serve so must we.” 

We can sometimes feel like we must have done something wrong and God has abandoned us but I promise you He has not. As I laid in that coma I bet I could have felt like I had done something wrong but now I know how much stronger I am becoming because of that. 

So when we see God again we should be like the dogs and jump up in excitement and be ready and willing to do whatever he asks of us.

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  1. Great job Dallin. Glad the babe got over things relatively fast. Missing you all.