Saturday, April 12, 2014

Beau's birth and shower

Teddi finally went into labor and we were all dying to know if it would be a boy or a girl! 

And the verdict is....

Welcome to the world our little baby girl named Beau!!
Teddi had a hard labor-tough lady! :)

The three united at last.

Five Wengert Cousins!!

She had the baby on March 29th and her baby shower was this weekend on April 12th.
She is such a beautiful sweet little baby and we have all fallen in love with her!

Looking great only two weeks postpartum!

Great Grandma and baby Shad.

Teddi got some fun presents!

The three littles.

I love these naked baby pictures.

So cute!!

We were waiting to go take cousin pictures to send a big canvas picture to Laura for Mother's Day. 
We tried going to the park and that didn't work out so great with the wind and the flopsy babies. We headed back to TJ and Tara's and got some good ones.

This was the good one!

This was our favorite funny one. Love those little smiles.

Afterwards everyone was tired!
Cuddles with Uncle Devin.

More cuddles!!

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