Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Clay- 4 months

Happy Four Months to this little guy!
He has had a busy month and has had a lot of fun. 
At his four-month check up he was 13.18 lbs!! This is good news to us because even though he's still a little like he went from being in the 10th percentile to the 22nd percentile which means he's gaining faster than those in his weight bracket I guess. Yay! 
He was 24.5in long and his head circumference was 16.5in. 
He is getting so big!


At the beginning of the month this hat didn't fit very well for very long.

He works out and can hold his own bottle! (For about 3 seconds.)

Theses besties are sad together and happy together!!

By the end of the month, this hat started fitting nicely! Yes!

Bowling with Conner and Megan and our boys!

The cutest outfit from Grandma Mary

We are starting hi early in the tractor. Dad loves it when we come with him to feed.

Clay got this toy from Maggie Grignano so call it his Maggie. He loves it.

Censored! These were a gift from Grandma J. :) Oh I mean the Easter Bunny.

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  1. WHOOP WHOOP!!! What a beautiful boy! Glad he is growing and life is moving along. Good to see you two out with friends also.