Sunday, April 13, 2014

Missionary Get-together

While down visiting the sibs we decided to take advantage of our time there and see some friends. I got to see my Siostra Masters, Elders Murphey, Tiner, Tanner, Lundin, Jensen, and Dabrowski.

McKenzie was my last companion and she was just in her second transfer so we had to wait a long LONG time before we saw eachother again. I just LOVE her.

In fact, when she got off her mission I was already married, pregnant, and in Arizona with my husband who was in the hospital. A LOT happened.

McKenzie and Troy (who came home with me) are engaged to be married.
It was so fun catching up with these fine people.

We stayed at Devin and Teddis that night and since Ted just had her baby they understandably weren't going to church so I asked if we could go with all of these fine people. I didn't think anything of it until we walked in the room and you could hear a pin drop. Oh yea, singles ward. Of course Clay was the only baby there and everyone is very quiet so every little yawn, sneeze, giggle, whimper felt amplified. Then he got a little fussy so we got up and stood in the back until he fell asleep.
It was fast and testimony meeting. And at the end the Bishop got up to close the meeting and totally hit us with the spot light for about five minutes. He was saying how happy he was to have a baby here and how that is the goal and real life and how it makes his so happy. 
It was sweet!

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