Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wisconsin Trip and Easter

My boss was going to be out of town over Easter so I thought it a perfect opportunity for Clay and I to visit Wisconsin. It was a lot of fun and Clay did really well traveling which I was very nervous about.

Clay just hanging in the airport.
We went and bought this little umbrella stroller to make it easier through the airport.

First flight! Yay for Baby Clay!

He was a hit on the plane, everyone that came up to him would smile and he'd give them a big smile right back!

Finally we made it to Grandmas. Grandma was sooo happy to have Baby Clay there. We were happy to be done traveling.

Happy in Grandma's arms.

The cousins finally meet!

Michael fell in love with our little guy.

My mom set up this awesome Easter Egg hunt for the kids. Clay decided he wanted to take a nap instead but it was fun to watch Michael and Nora find the eggs and candy! Yum!

She is soooo cute!

Brother and Sister.

The weather was nice enough to be outside and play.

Michael can ride a bike with training wheels!!

Loved pushing this little girl around.

Michael is seriously the smartest little boy ever. I swear he has the vocab of maybe a six year old!! He's really funny too.

We got to do some really fun projects together. Mom let me put some things together and she sewed them up for me. She is so creative!


Of course, we had to go see Grandma Mary.

And watch a beautiful sunset

Grandma and Clay

Mama and baby.


So my mom wanted a way to remember the grandkids while they're away so we used paint to put their foot prints on the stairs. Michael and Nora's were already done from a time they visited before. (Of course the paint is washable.)

Clay loved the feeling on his feet.

We tried to do his hands too, but that did not work out at all. 

Nora's feet

Clay's feet

Michael's feet

I thought that was the neatest project. I love looking at the foot prints every time I go up the stairs.

On our way to the airport we stopped in Minnesota to see Maggie who I hadn't seen since graduation. Rae was nice enough to bring me to the airport. LOVE HER. We all had a fun reunion and talked and talked. We decided that we all still had the same personality.

The plane ride home went smoothly. We had a connecting flight in Denver and on the way there a nice lady I sat next to asked to hold Clay and just held him the whole flight! That was really nice because as they napped, I was able to as well. 

We had a nice Welcome Home waiting for us at the airport. 

I thought the big surprise was at the airport. It turns out Dallins had some fun at home too for Easter. He made Clay and I baskets and everything!

So sweet!

Clay loved his little bunny ears!

Clay with his first Easter basket. Dad did a good job!


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  1. Oh How Fun!! Love all the comments and pics. Love the bunny ears too. So fun to have you with us. Next time Dallin comes too.